Empowering Life-Work Alignment

Succeed at work and have more time for the things that bring you
connection, purpose, and joy.

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A truly thriving life doesn’t revolve around work – it revolves around our full humanity.

We don't have to choose between life and work. When we’re empowered to manage our time and workload, set boundaries, and build healthy habits, we can find connection, fulfillment, and joy in our lives outside of work.

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Equip yourself and your team with tools to succeed at work and at home.

Empowering Life-Work Alignment is a 35-minute program designed to help employees reclaim their time and prioritize their lives. In nine short videos, we explore the concept of life-work alignment, Microsteps to reduce meeting and email fatigue, strategies to manage time more effectively, and the science behind peak performance.

9 Bite-Sized Videos From Thrive Experts

  • Joey Hubbard, Chief Training Officer
  • BJ Fogg, Behavioral Chair of Thrive’s Scientific Advisory Board and Founder and Director of Stanford's Behavior Design Lab  

What You'll Learn

  • Why the idea of work-life balance is a myth
  • How to hold fewer, better, and more efficient meetings
  • Tips to optimize the start of your day
  • Prioritization methods to improve time and workload management
  • How to avoid email overload and manage email more effectively
  • The science behind peak performance and "flow"
  • Tailored Microsteps for leaders and employees across all working arrangements

Maximize Your Productivity

We’ve developed dozens of new science-backed Microsteps and strategies that empower employees to protect their time and manage their to-do lists.

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