ThrivE Coaching

A Personalized Coaching Experience to Empower Teams and Drive Results

Thrive Coaching provides dedicated individual and group support through Thrive’s network of certified Coaches, empowering your people to build new habits and activate culture change. Thrive Coaching reinforces the Thrive platform experience with the best of Thrive's science, storytelling and too-small-to-fail Microsteps.

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Personalized well-being support for individuals and teams

Thrive Coaching gives your people tools and support to build better habits and cascade change to your entire organization. The result? A workforce where people are empowered to prioritize well-being, improve productivity, and drive lasting, impactful change.

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1:1 Coaching

Get support to maximize strengths and navigate challenges

Individuals meet one-on-one with their Thrive Coach. Participants will explore and challenge their mindsets and beliefs, learn to role model a better way of working, and get relevant Microsteps to improve their well-being and productivity.

Group Coaching

Unlock the power of peer support and accountability

In a group setting, individuals come together with their Thrive Coach to explore foundational elements of behavior change and build a support network of accountability partners. Available
for participants with something in common, such as new managers, department leads, and ERGs.

Executive Coaching

Take leadership to the next level

Executives meet one-on-one with their Thrive Coach. This program is designed to enable and elevate your top leaders so they can better support their teams while also prioritizing their own well-being.

Coaching Results

Program NPS

A score of 70 or above is 
the top percentile and considered "world class"

See a personal and professional impact

90%+ of people who see a positive impact on their personal lives or professional lives

Average increase in 
ability to recharge*
Average increase in 
ability to handle stress*
Average increase in connection*

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