Improve agent well-being and productivity

Thrive for Genesys

Thrive Reset embeds well-being directly into the contact center agent experience. Each Reset is a science-backed, 60-second break to help agents reduce stress — triggered at the moments when they need it most.

The Thrive Platform drives productivity through well-being.

Contact center agent stress impacts retention, operating costs, and customer experience.

Agent Stress

of call center operators report high or very-high stress levels.

Cornell University, 2021
Agent Turnover

turnover rate amongst call center agents, 2x that of the average attrition rate of all other occupations.

International Customer Management Institute, 2019
Cost Per Agent

average cost of replacing each turned over agent.

Cornell University, 2021

Stress is Unavoidable.
Cumulative Stress is Preventable.

Thrive + Genesys Cloud

Thrive for Genesys embeds well-being directly in the daily Genesys Cloud workflow to meet agents where they are with a science-backed stress intervention in real time.

Thrive for Genesys Drives Agent
Well-Being & Productivity


of agents say that having Thrive Reset has made stress more manageable


of agents feel more effective on calls after receiving a Thrive Reset


improvement in average
handle time (AHT)


Thrive Reset completion rate


of agents would rather receive a 60 second Thrive Reset than have that time back

Monitor Engagement + Productivity

Admin Dashboard

See a breakdown of Thrive Reset volume and frequency, as well as answer and watch-through rates, in one place to ensure your agents are receiving the desired rate of Resets via the optimal triggers.

Monitor agent productivity amongst those receiving Resets and assess their performance against agents that don't have access to Thrive Reset

In my research I’m always seeking the smallest thing that gives the biggest positive impact. That’s what I see in Thrive Reset. So easy. But yet so powerful. This wonderful offering will boost the health and happiness for many, many people.”

BJ Fogg

Ph.D., Stanford Behavior Design Lab,
Behavioral Science Chair of Thrive's Scientific Advisory Board

Thrive Reset

Hundreds of Resets, triggered automatically when agents needed them most

Break the cycle of cumulative stress with hundreds of Resets on themes including
breathing, stretching, gratitude, world exploration, comedy, sports, and more.

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