Thrive for Slack

Take productivity, performance, and collaboration to the next level. With Thrive’s well-being tools embedded directly into Slack, Slack isn’t just where work happens. It’s where productivity happens — without burnout.

The Thrive Platform drives productivity through well-being.
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Log in to your Thrive account on the web

Visit the "integrations" tab under your user profile

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Thrive + Slack, better together

The science is clear: well-being isn’t separate from work, it’s essential to peak performance. Thrive for Slack meets people where they are with real-time stress-reducing tools, inspirational storytelling, and science-backed Microsteps to build better habits.

Daily Check-In

Personalized well-being journey

From personalized actionable Microsteps and engaging content to 60-second stress-reducing Resets and motivating peer Challenges. Thrive for Slack supports you across the foundational pillars of well-being and productivity: Sleep, Food, Movement, Stress Management, Focus and Connection.


Elevated productivity with automated behavior change support

The Thrive Plan puts a well-being guide directly in the hands of users, showing them how they can take care of themselves and be at their most productive, resilient and focused.


Reduce stress, one minute at a time

Break the cycle of cumulative stress with more than 100 video Resets on themes including breathing, stretching, gratitude, mindfulness and nature.


Build healthy habits—together

Motivate your team to build healthy habits and improve productivity — together


Boost productivity and sales wins

Thrive will integrate with Slack’s Sales Elevate to bring targeted interventions to support sellers throughout their daily work. From day one to deal close, to meeting ambitious quotas and beyond, Thrive for Slack is specifically dedicated driving well-being and productivity for sales teams.

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