Thrive Reset for Webex Contact Center

Webex by Cisco is bringing Thrive Global into the agent flow of work, reducing agent attrition & enabling greater agent productivity with Thrive Reset for Webex Contact Center.

Thrive Reset for Webex Contact Center integrates well-being breaks into contact center agents’ days using real-time insights from Webex, helping agents do their best work and reduce burnout.

The Thrive Platform drives productivity through well-being.

Empowering Contact Center Agents and Reducing Burnout

Using insights from real-time AI technology built by Webex that proactively detects stress indicators in agents to provide in-the-moment corrective actions, offering agents an opportunity to reflect, recharge, and break the cycle of cumulative stress.

Once Webex’s AI-based agent burnout analysis detects potential burnout, the agent is automatically given a 60-second Thrive Reset video designed to help them reset and relax before their next call. As a result, the next customer in line is handled by an agent who is recharged and better prepared to deliver great service, instead of one coming directly from a stressful experience.

Contact center agent stress impacts retention, operating costs, and customer experience.

Agent Stress

of call center operators report high or very high stress levels.

Cornell University, 2021
Agent Turnover

turnover rate amongst call center agents, 2x that of the average attrition rate of all other occupations.

International Customer Management Institute, 2019
Cost Per Agent

average cost of replacing each turned over agent.

Cornell University, 2021

Stress Is Unavoidable, Cumulative Stress is Preventable

Thrive Reset allows agents to break the cycle of cumulative stress and move from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing the rush of cortisol through the body.

Thrive’s Library consists of hundreds of 60-second Reset videos — stretching, breathing, mindfulness, and gratitude breaks along with calming visuals, awe-inspiring natural landscapes and the latest stress-relief techniques — each with a guided breathing bubble that helps users inhale, exhale and bring themselves back to center before their next customer interaction. 

Purpose-Built AI in Webex Contact Center Helps Agents and Customers

The AI model built into Webex Contact Center will utilize end-to-end data in the Webex platform, including agent and customer sentiment, to detect an agent’s stress levels and personalize actions based on previous customer interactions.

Unique to Webex Contact Center, this AI model calculates agent burnout levels at the end of every customer interaction for each agent, as every agent's reaction and threshold to stress is different. The AI model applies those learnings to future calls, continuously enhancing both agent wellness and customer experiences.

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