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Thrive’s approach to behavior change is about meeting people where they are and guiding them through a journey of well-being based in behavior change. We've studied the science of behavior change and burnout out to build a methodology for our comprehensive experience that not only results in improves well-being but also translates that impact into improved productivity and performance.

The Thrive Platform drives productivity through well-being.

The data is clear. When we take care of ourselves and our teams, productivity and performance improve.


increase in energy levels


increase in productivity


increase in resilience


increase in focus

Thrive embeds directly in the technology you’re already using to meet you and your employees where you are

Our primary Corporate integrations include Microsoft Teams and Slack. Thrive's omni-channel approach ensures that employees never need to leave their productivity tools to access Thrive's full feature set - this will maximize engagement and utilization to ensure improved outcomes.

Thrive meets employees where they are and guides them through a journey of well-being based in behavior change

Thrive helps people create sustainable, healthy habits that improve resilience and performance by providing continuous, whole human support.

Select a Journey and be on your way

From the Daily Check-In, users are prompted to custom resources to help users along their Journey. From there, there are cultural activations throughout that bolster individual experiences, Community based challenges and opportunities to earn badges and certifications to marked notable achievements. All the while, individuals and admins can understand the trajectory of their journey and impact of the Microsteps they've taken through real-time individuals Insights and admin level Pulse dashboards.

This starts with creating a culture of permission, which is essential to getting the buy-in needed from top to bottom
and creating real, lasting change.

Any engagement with Thrive begins with custom, curated launch events, intentional onboarding and leadership training, which we call Leadership Journeys, designed to create immediate impact with your executive team. We’ll dive deeper into all aspects of this shortly.

Once we've established buy-in and a culture that supports a focus on well-being from leadership, we can bring the rest of the organization along and drive large-scale engagement. The Thrive platform is built  to support positive, long-term behavior change by meeting your people exactly where they are. Our platform is available across web & mobile as well as through seamless integrations with Slack and Teams that embed directly in the workflow your employees are already using.

We leverage training webinars, internal marketing tactics like emails and newsletters, and social media to augment our technology with human experiences and robust internal & external marketing support to maximize ongoing engagement.

Ultimately what ties the entire experience together is the ability for both individuals and company administrators to understand where they're thriving and where they need more support through data insights. Our dashboards provide real-time insights available in-platform, while quarterly business reviews provide an opportunity to do a deep-dive analysis with your dedicated customer success partner on where your company and employees are thriving and where there’s more opportunity for progress.

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