Driving Performance Through Well-Being

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Thrive’s approach to behavior change is about meeting people where they are and guiding them through a journey of well-being based in behavior change. We've studied the science of behavior change and burnout out to build a methodology for our comprehensive experience that not only results in improves well-being but also translates that impact into improved productivity and performance.

The Thrive Platform drives productivity through well-being.

The data is clear. When we take care of ourselves and our teams, productivity and performance improve.


increase in energy levels


increase in productivity


increase in resilience


increase in focus

Well-Being Is Critical
to Performance and Safety


Depression interferes with a person’s ability to complete physical job tasks ~20% of the time and reduces cognitive performance ~35% of the time.

Journal of Occupational Medicine


Workers who must take time off work because of stress, anxiety, or a related disorder will be off the job for about 20 days.

Bureau of Labor Statistics


Hospitals that implemented stress prevention activities saw a 70% reduction in malpractice claims.

Journal of Applied Psychology

Thrive meets people where they are and guides them through a journey of well-being based on behavior change

Thrive helps people create sustainable, healthy habits that improve resilience and performance by providing continuous, whole human support. Building a culture of permission is essential to the Thrive experience and methodology.

Powered by Microsteps, the big idea that’s too small to fail

Thanks to modern neuroscience, we now know how our brains form sustainable habits: and that’s through small daily actions. We call them Microsteps. If you want behavior change to be successful over the long term, you have to start with Microsteps.Microsteps are built into every Thrive experience — from Journeys within the platform to Leadership Journeys to Challenges — this is a common thread that runs through everything we do to affect incremental, lasting behavior change.

A challenge worth taking

Thrive Challenges add a very influential layer of motivation and incentive as people build healthy habits through Microsteps.

Through these Challenges, we create peer network of support within an organization, resulting in a more effective and more meaningful behavior change journey.

Each Challenge includes relevant Microsteps over a set duration (i.e. 21 days) to support habit formation over time with Challenges aligned with each of our core Journeys and Biotype Challenges to help users improve their individual responses to stress.

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