Driving productivity through well-being

We’ve designed our behavior change product suite to enhance productivity by improving people’s well-being. The science is clear: when we take care of ourselves and our teams, every aspect of our performance improves.

The Thrive Platform drives productivity through well-being.

Behavior change drives measurable impact

Millions of daily interactions with Thrive show that a focus on well-being drives increases in employee productivity, engagement, and energy.


Increase in employee engagement scores


Increase in productivity scores


Increase in stress management scores


Increase in healthy culture scores

Change is a Journey

Thrive Journeys provide a whole human approach to well-being

Unlike most wellness products that are a point solution, we offer a whole human solution broken down into seven Journeys, because the key aspects of our overall well-being are all connected. Choose the Journey best suited for you.


Get started with simple daily habits

Microsteps like answering the Thrive Daily Check-in question reinforce positive behavior change over time. This moment of reflection allows users to consider where they are on their well-being Journey and helps Thrive provide the resources that will be most impactful along the way.

Thrive daily checkin question
Thrive Challenge dashboard

Motivation stems from feeling successful

Our platform is a science-backed motivation engine for your people, using behavior change principles, Peer Challenges, and Achievement tokens to drive lasting change and celebrate every win.


Engagement drives insights, insights drive engagement

Get real-time, data-driven insights into your personal Insights Dashboard with a view on where you’re thriving and where you have room for improvement. With benchmarks across Effectiveness, Productivity, Belonging, Enthusiasm and Energy, you always have a snapshot of your well-being.

Thrive Pulse Dashboard

Direct employee support when it’s needed most

Thrive functions as your people’s well-being hub, connecting them with company resources like EAPs and mental telehealth programs at the exact moment they need them most.

Direct employee support when it’s needed most

Broader Feature Set

Continuous engagement fuels lasting behavior change

Microsteps feed

The big idea that’s too small to fail

Microsteps are the foundation of the Thrive Global experience: small, science-backed steps you can take to build habits that improve your life.
Thrive Learn Programs

World-class learning for work and life

Go deeper with expert-led courses from our always-on library, on topics like high performance, mental health, resilience, belonging, parenting, nutrition and more.
Challenges Dashboard

A built-in peer network of support

Create communities around well-being and give your people an extra incentive to build better habits with Thrive Challenges.
Thrive Reset

Reduce stress in 60 seconds

Break the cycle of cumulative stress with more than 100 video Resets on themes including breathing, stretching, gratitude, mindfulness and nature.


Where well-being fits into your workflow

Thrive’s platform integrates with all your workspace tools to meet your employees where they are, embedded directly in their daily workstream.

Implement and Support New Behaviors

Strategic cultural activations bring the Thrive experience full circle

Even the most innovative and sophisticated software can’t transform a company’s culture if it’s not integrated into employees’ daily lives. That’s why we pair our technology with unique human experiences and robust marketing support to maximize ongoing engagement and culture change.

Launch Events

Coordinated internal customer campaigns that introduce your company to Thrive


Strategic integration of Thrive into company onboarding efforts

Leadership Journeys

3-part courses designed for leaders to learn and model core concepts of well-being


Unlimited 1:1 and group coaching for leaders and individual contributors, enhancing individual and team growth


Monthly & quarterly webinars to explore relevant well-being topics with industry experts

Frontline Support

Train the trainer toolkits and in-person workshops specifically curated for a frontline workforce

Role model Stories

Authentic stories from Thrive users showcasing success and driving peer motivation


Access to Thrive’s expansive network to drive awareness internally and externally

Our customers get results

36% of the top 25 global companies recognized by Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For list are Thrive customers. Our science-backed approach has been adopted by employees at more than 200 companies in over 160 countries, delivering outcomes for everyone from frontline and call center workers to C-suite executives and corporate employees.

Pfizer’s partnership with Thrive has been a great support in our ongoing efforts to provide the tools and resources to help all of our colleagues take care of their physical and mental health. The more knowledge and tools we have, the better able we are to achieve our purpose: Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

Payal Sahni

Executive vp and Chief People Experience Officer

We partnered with Thrive to introduce Thriving Mind, a program focused on mental wellness, to over 170,000 employees around the world. Nine out of ten people said it’s helping them improve their stress.

Julie Sweet

Chief executive officer

Many workplaces today are optimized for efficiency and effectiveness. That results in people feeling overworked and their contributions being undervalued. With Thrive, we can shift the way businesses use technology to create personalized, empathetic employee experiences.

Tony Bates


As we continued to think about expanding our mental well-being offerings, we realized there was an opportunity to do more around preventative care. Salesforce partnered with Thrive because their solutions in the behavioral health space are robust, global, and truly impressive.

Jody Kohner


We really leaned heavily into our partnership with Thrive around daily mental health exercises. The app, Microsteps, and Reset really help us find ways to take care of ourselves daily in a way that allows for good mental health, even in this time of extreme stress.

Tracy Layney


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