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It’s your time to Thrive! Walmart and Sam’s Club Associates, friends, family, and customers have free access to Thrive, a well-being platform based on making small, better choices to achieve your goals and live a better life. Sign up here and tell Thrive about your Challenge experience for a chance to be a monthly cash prize winner.

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Thousands of Walmart and Sam’s Club Associates have shared remarkable stories of perseverance, overcoming obstacles, and making meaningful changes in their lives, all in an effort to inspire others to do the same. What are you waiting for? Sign up and tell Thrive about your Challenge experience for a chance to win part of the cash prize pool.

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I’ve lost 100 pounds in a year, 23 since starting the Thrive Challenge.But my journey is about much more than the weight loss: it’s the confidence that comes with it. I’m doing good for myself and others and living my best life.

Ginger Green

Walmart Home Office; Bentonville, AR

The Thrive app is like having a great personal trainer without having to pay anyone. No one’s yelling at me to push myself. I’m just encouraged to make Better Choices and it keeps me accountable. I wake up in the morning with a burst of energy, feeling positive. I sing in the shower — and in the car. When I pull up to a stoplight, people start laughing. I’m feeling happiness and joy.

Andre Ball

Supercenter #0943; Casselberry, FL

The Thrive Challenge has changed my life by helping me flip my negative habits into positive actions. Now, I want to take care of the people who believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. And I can’t wait to see what my future holds

Tatiana Oxendine

Neighborhood Market #7329; Saint Pauls, NC


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