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We live and work in a diverse world.

But for all the attention paid to diversity, equity, and inclusion, large numbers of people feel excluded at work because of who they are. And more than half of people are uncomfortable talking about diversity and inclusion at work for fear of saying the wrong thing.

Thriving Belonging is Thrive Global’s new curriculum, with an approach to diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging that helps us move from awareness to action – even when it feels uncomfortable. The course is based on two truths often missing from this essential conversation: First, it’s up to all of us to create more inclusive workplaces. And second, we’re all going to make mistakes.

In nine short videos, participants explore:

  • The individual and organizational cost when people don’t feel they belong
  • The science behind belonging’s connection to physical and mental health
  • How to hold ourselves and others accountable while also making room for grace, growth, and learning
  • How to be an ally
  • Strategies for having difficult conversations on sensitive topics
  • Science-backed Microsteps for examining unconscious bias, strengthening psychological safety, and speaking up with compassionate directness
  • Tips for leaders on inclusive hiring and networking

Hosted by

Joey Hubbard

Chief Training Officer
Thrive Global

Xandria James

Social Media Director & Content Producer
Thrive Global

BJ Fogg

Founder & Director, Stanford Behavior Design Lab
Behavioral Chair of Thrive’s Scientific Advisory Board

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