Why Samantha Olsen Swears By This Morning Routine

The Senior Client Success Manager shares the small rituals that set her up for success every morning.

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Establishing a morning routine for myself has become so important to me and to my little family. While we aren't perfect every day, getting into a consistent routine has not only helped me feel like we have a solid start to the day, but it has also helped my little boys start to develop good habits. We all feel better and have more successful days when they start out right. One Microstep that really helps me is writing down my priorities for the day in the morning. It allows me to focus on what’s important and set the tone before the workday begins. I also love spending a minute sitting outside with my feet in the grass, sitting on my front porch or going for a walk. These little rituals all help set me up for a successful day. 

There are so many different aspects of well-being that impact my life, but I find nutrition to be the easiest to commit to. I know that I feel so much better when I plan to fuel my body with foods that make me feel good, which motivates me to make better choices. Sleep is hard at this phase because I have three kids, and they’re all under the age of four. I’m working on making more time for movement but it can be hard to find that time for myself. When I do have a few minutes to recharge, I love taking time for prayer and meditation, mindfulness, and giving myself grace. I love Thrive’s Butterflies Reset, too! It’s such a great way to reset during a stressful day. 

I’ve learned a lot from Thrive’s Empowering Work-Life Alignment course. This is something I’ve really needed to work on, and I was very inspired by the message. I have a really hard time taking time away from work and always feel like everything is mission critical. This makes it tricky for me to truly disconnect. Something clicks when Joey gives you permission to do it, but I know I still have a lot of work to do! My goal is to give myself permission to make more time for the things that bring me joy, like my family, my friendships, painting, food, flowers, being outside, music, my faith, finding purpose in my work, a big cold diet Coke! 

Published on
June 7, 2023
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