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Build an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and allows everyone to learn and grow.

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Belonging has never been more important — but most companies get it wrong.

The science clearly shows that a sense of belonging is critical to people’s overall well-being. Countless studies demonstrate the link between belonging and the bottom line. But belonging is about more than shareholder value — it’s about the values we all share. 

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Employees want to create more welcoming work environments. But they need help taking action.

The Thrive platform’s Pulse check feature gives you real-time insights into your people’s sense of belonging. Based on thousands of daily conversations with employees, we know that:


Say that it is their responsibility to make their workplace welcoming to everyone.

Based on 13,600 Pulse checks


Feel that they can be their authentic self at work.

Based on nearly 25,000 Pulse checks


Feel comfortable asking their coworkers about their unique personal cultures and customs

Based on 13,600 Pulse checks

It’s time for a different approach.

Thriving Belonging is a 45-minute program that brings Thrive’s unique approach to essential issues of diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging. In 13 short videos, we explore the latest science of belonging, provide strategies for navigating cultural changes in the workplace, and spark productive, meaningful conversations on a deeply human topic that affects us all.

13 Bite-Sized Videos from Thrive Experts

  • Joey Hubbard, Chief Training Officer
  • BJ Fogg, Behavioral Chair of Thrive’s Scientific Advisory Board and Founder and Director of Stanford's Behavior Design Lab  
  • Dr. Aaliya Yaqub, Chief Medical Officer
  • Xandria James, Social Media Director & Content Producer

What You'll Learn

  • The individual and organizational cost when people don’t feel a sense of belonging
  • How to hold ourselves and others accountable while also making room for grace, growth, and learning
  • Microsteps for examining unconscious bias, strengthening psychological safety, being an ally, and more

Move From Awareness to Action

We’ve developed dozens of new science-backed Microsteps and strategies that foster a safe environment for individuals to learn, grow, and support one another as allies.

Bring Thriving Belonging to your organization.

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