I live in Seattle Washington with my husband, 3 kids (12, 6 and 4), and our dog Paolo. I've worked in tech start-ups for the better part of 10+ years. I found my own well-being journey after becoming a single working mom with big aspirations in all areas. I knew that I couldn't achieve my goals on leftover chicken nuggets alone but time was the biggest obstacle. I thought "what is my one small thing?" (this was pre microstep awareness!) and I begun making a green smoothie each morning. I figured if I got my greens in then, then the rest of the day, as unpredictable as it would be, wouldn't be the worst. I just had to pick one time to get my greens in. And it worked! That small step helped me begin to feel healthier and find more ways to incorporate well-being into my life. I drank more water, I began to make exercise a priority and even had a coworker who became my accountability buddy. I ended up getting my 200-hour yoga teaching certificate a couple years down the road, all the while continuing to achieve my career goals, meet my now husband and add a couple more kids to the pack. :) I couldn't have done it all without taking care of myself initially .

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