Ten Minutes of Movement Help Lauren Gishuru Stay Centered and Grateful

Thrive’s Director of Customer Success shares how habit-stacking helps her prioritize her well-being.

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My favorite way to prioritize my well-being is by prioritizing ten minutes of unplugged movement. My dog, Paolo, is a great forcing function and built-in accountability buddy for my movement time. Even when I want to blast through work or home projects, he makes it so there are no excuses. When we go for a walk, I make one of the parks on the lake our destination and once there I take a few minutes to breathe in deeply and mentally list three things I'm grateful for. Sometimes I close my eyes with these deep breaths, but I'm really looking for a moment of pause and presence. Habit-stacking has been key because I make these necessary walks a chance to move my body, unplug from technology, connect with myself and my higher wisdom, and receive all the benefits of being outside in nature to destress. 

When I prioritize myself, even with short movement breaks, I'm a calmer, happier, and more present mother. Giving myself time to clear my mental to-dos, reground in gratitude, and even sometimes do a mental visualization sets the tone for the rest of the day. Thinking about who I want to be for them helps reshape my attitude and ability to be present and connect.

Published on
June 7, 2023
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