I've been in Customer Success at Thrive since 2019, coming from my previous role at Bridgewater Associates in Talent Management and history of passion and education in the fields of psychology, grit, behavior change, well-being, nutrition, and creative writing. I'm currently the Principal CSM for Thrive's global strategic accounts and love partnering with our incredible customer thought leaders and their employees spanning the globe. I reside in Denver, Colorado with my boyfriend and spend my free time running, hiking, practicing yoga, rock climbing, reading, writing, cooking plant-based, skiing, and traveling. Exploring the outdoors ignites my spirit, as does spending meaningful time with my friends and family. I grew up in Connecticut with a mother and sister who are trained and practicing chefs (read: foodies!), a father who has always been my biggest fan on the sidelines of every childhood soccer game to adulthood endurance race, and a brother who makes laughter commonplace with his warm sense of humor.

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