This Nighttime Ritual Helps Bridget Murphy Get the Sleep She Needs

The Principal Customer Success Manager shares the Microstep that helps her unwind before bed.

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One Microstep that helps me get the sleep I need is putting my phone on Do Not Disturb mode every night after 10:00 pm. This helps me get eight hours of sleep, which allows me to feel my best the next day. 

On busy days, I make sure to carve out some time for self-connection by either going for a long walk and calling a friend, or listening to a podcast that relaxes me. Making time for the little things in my life that bring me joy, like my cat, my friends and family, and good food, is so important for my well-being. I also try to carve out time for yoga and meditation on a regular basis, which really helps me recharge. I also love doing a Thrive Reset during a busy day. My favorites are the Hummingbird and the Puppies

I’ve struggled when it comes to staying consistent with nutrition and exercise in the past, but I know that I feel my best when I prioritize moving my body and eating nourishing foods, so I am working on improving in those areas. For example, I love Thrive’s Beet and Goat Cheese Salad recipe, and I want to try incorporating different foods into my diet that are delicious and filled with nutrients. 

Published on
June 7, 2023
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