Savanna Puccinelli on the Movement Microstep that Led to an Exciting New Hobby

The Customer Success Manager at Thrive describes how playing pickleball with friends is sparking joy, fun and creativity.

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As an avid runner and yogi, movement has always been an outlet for me to connect with myself and de-stress. I decided to take on the Movement journey because I found myself in a rut during my normal movement routine. I wasn’t finding as much joy as I normally did doing those activities. To begin, I chose the Microstep: "Replace an existing social activity with an active one." I’ve always wanted to play pickleball, and I thought it would fun to learn how to play with family and friends. It’s ended up being such a fun activity and an exciting new hobby that I look forward to after work or on the weekend. My friends and I decided to join an intramural league; once a week, we meet after work for our game and have a little competitive fun! We all work remotely, so it's a great way to connect socially during our busy work weeks. 

I’ve found that playing an intramural sport has reframed my mindset around exercise as a solo activity that I just needed to complete/check off my to-do list every day. It’s allowed me to find new joy in movement. The biggest challenge was learning a new sport and getting out of my comfort zone. But because I was learning with others, it felt less intimidating and more fun. And I’ve discovered that it’s never too late to try a new hobby.

Also, finding more joy in movement has translated to my workday. I've been inspired to take walking meetings with my co-workers, which I've noticed has sparked more creativity and collaboration. I enjoy cheering on my coworkers in our Thrive Moves Slack Channel where we share our favorite ways to move. I also had the fun opportunity to play pickleball with one of my coworkers, so it was the best of both worlds. 

Over the course of my journey, I've realized that it’s really important for me to take time every day to get outside, whether that’s a run, a walk, or just stepping out into my backyard. I feel so lucky to live right by the beach — I’ve always found that’s where I can clear my mind and connect with myself. Listening to the waves is so calming. (And I love listening to ocean waves on YouTube while I work.) 

Another aspect of movement I’m enjoying: our Thrive Ocean Resets. My body holds so much tension, especially in my shoulders and neck, when I am stressed, or at my desk all day. So I've started to schedule a Reset on my calendar in the afternoon to give myself a moment to stretch and breathe.

Published on
October 25, 2023
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