How Sarah Smith Carves Out Time for Herself During a Busy Day

The Senior Director of Customer Success shares the Microsteps that help her find some “me time” on a daily basis.

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I’ve recently been working on incorporating more movement into my day. I love running outdoors!  I tend to have a pretty balanced life, and I find sleep and exercise the easiest areas when it comes to staying consistent. I also try to make an effort to recharge and connect with myself, even during busy days. I like to get up before the rest of my family so that I can have a little "me time" before the madness begins! This allows me to not feel too guilty about going to bed early and not leaving that "me time" for the end of the day. Finding this time for myself has been the most influential well-being practice I’ve incorporated into my routine.

When I need to recharge during a stressful moment, I like to watch my Thrive Reset, which is filled with the things that bring me so much joy, like photos of my kids, Ashton, Eden and Nolan. I love being reminded of them during the day. And after work, we've made it a habit to talk about what we are grateful for during dinner time. It’s been such a great bonding experience as a family.  It also gets the kids to focus on the positive every day, which is so important. 

Published on
June 5, 2023
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