How Marie Kurpiewski Finds Moments to Reset During a Busy Day

The Product Support Specialist shares the small rituals that help bring joy and calmness to each day.

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I’ve been working on my Connection journey recently. I love the Microstep, “When your inner critic flares up, pause and repeat a positive affirmation.” As someone who has always been deeply critical of myself, recognizing when it happens, taking a beat, and telling myself "I am worth it, and I'm doing great!" immediately shifts my brain into a better place.

Taking time to recharge is also really important to me. When I'm busy, I take time to go for a quick drive out to the forest and take a walk in nature. I'll reflect and appreciate the natural beauty I'm surrounded by. I don't take my phone or listen to music! I'll just listen to the world and soak in the scenery. This helps keep me grounded and connected to myself and the world around me. Having access to incredible forests and parks makes it a joy to go for a stroll in the woods.

One of the best habits I've developed, especially as a remote employee, is regularly taking periods of my day when I utilize my standing desk. This gives me a great opportunity to move, stretch, and feel in tune with my body. After incorporating this into my daily routine, I found that I had more energy and a brighter mood! This helps me be more present and my friends and family definitely noticed how much more energetic and happy I was after working this into my life.

I also try to carve out time throughout the day to pause and breathe. Taking moments to simply move to a third space and meditate for a few minutes is so helpful for me. Work can pull me in so many different directions and be pretty stressful sometimes, so just taking a few minutes to reset and clear my mind really helps me be my best! A few things that also help me recharge are listening to music, reading a novel I can't put down, driving through beautiful Northern New Jersey with the top down, swimming in the ocean, and playing Tetris. Plus, my Thrive Reset always helps! I love to see some of the photos I've taken with friends and places I've been. 

Published on
November 3, 2023
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