Gympass and Thrive Join Forces to Boost Well-Being for Millions Around the World

It’s about meeting employees where they are.

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We’re thrilled to announce that Gympass and Thrive have come together to bring well-being to even more people around the world. Through Gympass — the corporate wellness platform that offers employees access to a global network of more than 50,000 gyms, classes, trainers, and well-being apps—users will have access to the Thrive platform and its full range of real-time stress reducing tools, inspirational storytelling, and science-backed Microsteps to help people build better habits.

Thrive and Gympass are deeply aligned in our mission to end the stress and burnout epidemic. And our shared, whole-human approach to well-being means that we’ll be reaching employees on an even greater scale. Certainly, we know the desire for greater well-being is widespread. According to Gympass’ State of Work-Life Wellness report, 83% of employees surveyed said well-being at work is just as important to them as their salary, and 77% of respondents would consider leaving a company that doesn’t focus on well-being.

And that’s where our solutions come in. Companies that offer Gympass see 43% better retention rates and up to 25% lower annual employee healthcare costs. Employees who engage with the Thrive platform report a 104% increase in burnout prevention and a 233% increase in stress management ability.

We also share a belief that truly moving the needle on employee well-being requires meeting employees where they are. And we do that by integrating well-being tools in the technologies and tools employees are already using. That’s how we create an environment where people can build new healthy habits — that actually stick.  

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Published on
December 7, 2022
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