Improve your people’s mental resilience, health, and productivity.
In the new normal and beyond.

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Thrive Global is helping the world’s leading enterprises and their people build healthy habits through inspirational storytelling and actionable Microsteps to help navigate this challenging time with less stress and greater resilience

Bank Of America
JPMorgan Chase & Co

Thrive Global Is Leading Through The New Normal and Beyond

In these extraordinary times of uncertainty, anxiety, and stress, taking care of your well-being is more important than ever.

Thrive Global gives you everything you need to build physical immunity, strengthen mental resilience, and support your people in the ways that matter most.

“As a truly human company we are committed to caring deeply for our people and helping them be successful both professionally and personally. And, this means helping our people practice self-care – which is important every day, but especially now. Offering tools like Thriving Mind, to support our people’s brain health, is one of our top priorities.”

Ellyn Shook

Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer

Our Platform

The world’s first behavior change platform combining data, stories, and actionable Microsteps to take your people on a lifetime journey of improved well-being and performance through the new normal and beyond.

Our Platform

Powered by Data-driven Storytelling

Bringing together the latest science, inspiring storytelling, and new role models, proving that well-being and performance rise in tandem.

Spotlight: Thriving in the New Normal

And the Word of the Year Is... “Resilience”

It’s what allows us not just to bounce back, but to bounce forward.

Thriving in the New Normal

8 Creative Ideas to Help You Celebrate the Holidays This Year

Our festivities may look different than they usually do, but we can still celebrate in ways that are meaningful.

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Work-Life Integration

How to Be the Chief Well-being Officer of Your Own Life

In these unprecedented times, well-being isn’t something we can outsource. We all have the power to prioritize our mental and physical health.

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Get help navigating this challenging time with less stress and greater resilience

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Thriving in the New Normal

Mental Resilience and Physical Immunity

Proactively build our mental resilience and strengthen our physical immunity

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Join Thrive Global and Stanford Medicine to learn why helping your employees manage stress and build mental resilience is more important than ever

Leadership in the New Normal

Show up ready to lead from what’s best, wisest, most creative and empathetic in you

Working from Home

Supporting your transition to the new normal and helping you work from home

Thrive Global Platform Membership

A holistic solution to unlocking your people’s potential

  • Act

    With cutting-edge tools and science-backed Microsteps that help your people create lasting healthy habits

  • Learn

    From the world's leading experts on how to move from knowing what to do to actually doing it

  • Understand

    What's keeping your people from reaching their full potential today

  • Discover

    The latest science and stories to inspire a better way of working and living

    And much more...

Thrive Global’s unique approach

Thrive Global offers a science-backed solution that works.

  • Microsteps

    Too-small-to-fail, science-backed actions that drive meaningful change

  • Role Models

    Authentic storytelling to inspire change from both aspirational and relatable voices

  • The Latest Science

    Products and content built in partnership with leading behavior change experts

  • Inside-out Storytelling

    We help your employees thrive, and then tell that story to the world


reporting being more equipped to manage stress

Global FinServ Company


reporting increases in productivity

Global Tech Company


saved due to turnover reduction

Global Hospitality Company

“Whatever your entry point is, take it.”

Arianna Huffington
Founder & CEO

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