Why you’re really stuck

How to unstick and move forward in your life

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Ok, let’s talk.

You know that inner urge you have to change something about your life? But you can’t seem to unstick the stuck. What do you think is stopping you from taking those next steps AND trusting that what you’re doing is working? Want the obstacle dissolving potion?

There is no problem.

You read that right.

You aren’t stuck. Life is working. You have support. You even have time and resources. Before you write me off and think I don’t get what’s going on for you, hear me out. I have been there and have tricks…

First, problems!

The supposed root of being stuck. The things that drain you and make it hard to move forward. Let’s have a look.

Well known problems can include things like:

  • The goals you haven’t reached.
  • That relationship drama.
  • Not enjoying your work.
  • Needing more money.
  • Not so great health.
  • Emotional ya-ya.
  • Low energy.

Now, for one micro moment, I want you to…

…consider that the “problem” isn’t what you think it is.

Let’s do some rewiring right now!

Go ahead, say it, “The problem isn’t what I think it is.”

A few more times. I’ll wait.

Now try on, “There is no problem.”

Your turn. At least 5 times.

But wait. Not having money, especially if you need it, is a problem, right? Or what about a lack of energy and good health? Having that would make life so much better. Certainly having work that’s more fulfilling would be awesome, especially since you spend so much time there. Global warming, definitely a problem. Ok, you got me there. Kind of a big one. But for the sake of this conversation, let’s stay with the psychology of our inner world so we can better transform our outer world…

Why is having a problem, a problem?

One word: Resistance.

You’re not stuck because of your problem. You’re not even technically stuck. You FEEL stuck because you have RESISTANCE to what you perceive as an obstacle in your life. Yes, yes, we’ve all heard, what you resist persists. You even know how true it is because you experience how that plays out in your daily life. It is pretty simple. You are either investing in the problem or the solution with your choices.

For now though, I’d like you to pretend – no problems, no solutions, no resistance. All that exists is…this moment. Look around. Really. Look at your environment. Look at your body. Look at what’s in front of you. Perhaps who is next to you. Just see what’s there.

Blue shoes. Wood table. Bookshelf. Cup of tea. Computer. Your breath.

No problem. No solution. No resistance.

Think back to when you saw a movie that moved you. Remember when you laughed so hard you cried. Or that night, when things got a little hot and steamy. Thinking about problems, solutions, or your resistance to them? Likely not. Ah, the power of the present moment.

Now you know why you really get stuck. Problem. Solution. Resistance.

So how do you deal with the stuff that drains you? The things you want to change?

You change them. You don’t think of them as problems, nor your choices as solutions. You just make new choices. TA DA!

Got it? Good. If you can take one thing away from this lovely lengthy post, snatch this:

There is no problem.

You’re welcome. Happy to help.

Originally published at www.vasmith.com

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