How Traveling Aid In Opening Mind And Heart To Universe

What traveling to unknown destinations delivers unto one?

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Travel to open mind and heart to universe

Till some years ago traveling was meant to be a passion for vagabonds and hippies, but now it has taken almost everyone in its arms. Today every person who has some money or even no money aspires to go around the globe, to places that are equally heard and unheard of. This interest in traveling has grasped many in such a way that they have developed a lifestyle that revolves around their constant exploration of various geographical locations as well as cultures.

However, the most interesting thing that happens to a traveler is the ability to open their mind and heart to the universe; so to accept and appreciate what they already have. That comprehension is what most of the spiritual gurus have been trying to explain to their followers for many years, but only a few understood that by preaching; while travelers absorbed it in themselves.

What traveling to unknown destinations delivers unto one?

Traveling, just to travel and seeing places were once looked upon as a pastime for lunatics. Those who had extra money to waste and were extremely rich would travel to different places, just to experience the land, weather, and cultural difference. It wasn’t meant for common people who earned their daily bread through menial tasks. However, in the late 50s, many got interested in traveling and that brought forth a plethora of benefits to many people.

  1. Courage: Going out of one’s comfort zone and into the unknown for the first time develops courage. This quality becomes stronger with each trip to someplace new on one’s own without many resources. Dealing with various issues on-road makes one get into the habit of seeing every approaching moment and day with no expectation and a willingness to tackle with whatever one has.
  2. Comprehension: There are many things that one gets to see in life. Same is with travels when someone goes to a new place they get to witness something different, but somehow everything relates to each other. The comprehension that all are connected and there is nothing much one can do about a variety of things, gives more control to a person over himself.
  3. Compassion: When traveling to a foreign land, where no one knows the traveler. One does learn to be compassionate because that person receives it almost everywhere that he goes traveling. Sharing things with others on the move and letting go of unnecessary belongings as well as receiving something precious from someone unknown; makes for good learning of the compassion trait that one may have never come across before.
  4. Strength: One may never know how strong they are unless being one is the only option they have. Traveling alone or with someone always requires a good deal of strength as well as tact because sometimes one needs both of it.
  5. Confidence: Being at home in a comfortable atmosphere under the safety of friends and family is a good thing, but what may not be good for one’s own confidence. Travelling brings a person face to face with different people, difficult situations, pleasant moments and so forth; which enhances their belief in themselves. This confidence is much required for a person in general that traveling renders immediately.
  6. Honesty: When someone travels, they need not pretend to be someone that they are not, which is the usual case in daily corporate lives; everywhere. Here, they can be themselves, do what they want to do and speak their mind without the fear of rejection.
  7. Spirituality: Facing a good deal of difficulties on the road and meeting people from different walks of life will make a traveler know that there is nothing that they must worry so much about. Life is meant to live and not merely exist to make money or living and then die one day without knowing what one could have done; if gone to unknown destinations.

Travelling can bring the mind and soul at ultimate peace with each other, while a person develops strong jovial relations with many; whom he met on his travels. The mind understands that it’s all right to not have answers to everything and there are better things ahead in life to anticipate while living a life doing good things is meant for everyone. The universe is big and so are the destinations to travel, which means one must be adequately prepared before the journey.

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