A Global Nation of Future Villagers

Creativity and Capital in Transformative Alliance Towards a New Renaissance

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Botticelli, The Birth of Venus

At the start of the New Year I want to share a big dream; a grand vision that I am fully aware sounds like utopia and ”impossible” for the rational mind:

A Global Nation of Future Citizens

This “mission impossible” is on the other hand what we obviously need to manage and encounter with courage if we want to create a flourishing and sustainable future society (and survive as humanity).

The Universal Mind

A universal worldview is emerging, envisioning a future without boundaries. It is already changing people’s minds all over the world, awakening thoughts, feelings and actions in a profound way. The mantra is “everything is possible”.

Conduct of Creative Energy

Once again human creativity needs to be unleashed on a higher level of consciousness. The future is (must be) conduct of creative energy in union with rational governance and fair distribution of resources.

Future (business) leaders need emotional skills and competence, learning how to “read” energy as the main means to create, develop and govern human relationships, interaction and productivity.

Convergence of the Sciences and the Arts

A consequence towards the next Renaissance will be convergence of the sciences and the arts (“Entrepreneurial Renaissance” (editor professor Piero Formica, 2017) uniting left and right brain awareness.

Entrepreneurial Spirit as Driving Motor 

Entrepreneurial spirit and new business models are at the core in this major transition towards the next entrepreneurial Renaissance.

When people get aware of their own impact and power they will create the future from bottom-up as a grass-root movement. Most bureaucrats and politicians don’t have necessary courage and speed to change and adapt fast enough.

Traditional leaders in both private and public sector still strive to keep all things together “as is” (let us on behalf of the future hope I am wrong).

Creativity and Capital 

The day maybe come when money don’t dominate as it does, but still money is the most important means of exchanging values, energy and resources on this planet. This is why a new alliance of co-creators is imperative:

An alliance of the rich upper classes and the new class of future citizens (people who have realized that “the future is already here, it’ just unevenly distributed”), visionary entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners and transformative leaders with the calling to actively participate in this big shift in human history.

Millions of Co-Creators Worldwide

Envision thousands of interconnected individuals (even millions) in global “family businesses” within “family businesses”, alliances within alliances, networks within networks, global hubs of co-creators working together in interdependent future teams, in a “universal worldwide web” accompanied by intelligent technology.

A prerequisite is a global ecosystem of individuals and groups educated for the future, all sharing the same passion and purpose, the same concern and vision for a living future planet and thriving global society. It will consequently have big impact on all areas of society, from education to governance to finance.

From “Pairing” to Future Teams to Creative Communities

Another premise is to learn how to build lasting communities through “pairing” of individuals into creative future teams and sustainable eco-communities, tuning in to “the collective voice” and the creative intelligence of the group – living and leading from the whole – learning governance of creativity as the fusion of the intuitive and the rational mind, the feminine and masculine.

Global Competence Pools

When we are able to create global competence pools and creative communities working together for a sustainable future, humanity will have a chance to build a thriving and healthy society. If we trust in existing structures and systems, we are predestined to fail. Or do we still believe in a world as it is?

Creativity and capital should converge in powerful collaboration – as in the first European Renaissance. It takes courage to create (Rollo May), but “everything is possible”. So let us do what we can.

Business People as States People

As business-people and future societal innovators we should think like statesmen and women, taking on global responsibility for new models in life and business. We have an important role to play at the world stage as change-agents and systemic inventors, visionary initiators of organic ecosystems with natural flow of genuine human creativity and fair distribution of resources.

We can do it again!

The first Renaissance was ignited and implemented by 2-300 persons. They brought the Western world into a new way of being and doing – and created a new era. Both in Europe and globally we see the same need for renewal.

Club 300

We can do it again. That’s why we have initiated Club 300, inviting visionary capitalists to invest in our common future, in creativity, competence and technology, supporting future pioneers with less resources but with a wholehearted commitment and calling to build a prosperous and sustainable future society.

I would love to get in touch with people, both future pioneers and our time’s “Lorenzo ‘Il Magnifico’ di Medicis” worldwide, sharing the same global passion and purpose.

Global Renaissance Society

All the Best for the New Year!

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