10 Life Lessons How to Deal With Toxic People

Communication is an integral part of our life. However, all people are the mix of characters, preferences, desires, goals.

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Every group of friends is made up of people with all different types of personalities and, without doubt, all of us came across toxic people, as well.

It goes without saying that there are different types of such personalities. First of all, these are the people who condemn the actions of others. Moreover, they make decisions without taking into account the facts and don’t want to hear any explanations. They aren’t able to listen to other people’s thoughts and views. Secondly, toxic people are extremely envious. It’s well known that the path to success is usually accompanied by ups and downs. Therefore, it is very important to be accompanied with those who can support in difficult times and be happy for your achievements. A person who is envious never rejoices at others. They believe that something good should happen only to them and nobody else. Furthermore, toxic people usually present themselves as victims. They constantly seek for justification and accuse others of their mistakes. This type of toxic person never takes responsibility. Usually, toxic people don’t appreciate their life and, instead, do everything to complicate both their lives and lives of those who surround them.

So obviously these kinds of people make a negative influence on our lives. So the question is: “How to deal with toxic people and don’t lose good mood and positive energy?”

Here are some lessons, which will be a helping hand to protect yourself from people who can become a real obstacle in your life.

1. Avoid people who don`t keep their words

A person, who can’t acknowledge their mistakes or shift responsibility and blame on the others, will negatively affect your life. Such people are usually immature and unable to solve their own problems and overcome difficulties by themselves. If you do not escape from them as soon as possible, more likely they will throw up their troubles and responsibilities on your shoulders. Furthermore, if you want to become a successful person you should communicate with successful individuals. You should be surrounded with people whom you trust and can rely on. You can’t trust the liars because you will never know whether they are telling the truth or not.

2. Don’t afraid to express your thoughts directly

Let people understand that you have your own point of view. Do not let them impose negative thoughts and try to demonstrate confidence in your beliefs. Then toxic people will understand that it makes no sense to impose their senseless point of view and will leave you alone.

3. Be strict

Toxic people don’t like face difficulties so they will not respond to a neutral “Go away”. Moreover, they may even increase their perseverance if you try to stop any communication with them. Do not let discourage yourself – be very clear about your intentions and keep these people at bay.

4. You need to do what is right for you. Trust yourself!

Your main goal should be realizing your own desires. Listen to your thoughts, do not let someone take you off our way. If you really value your time, you need to consciously minimize communication with toxic people that reduce your effectiveness. Does this mean that you should only communicate with those who you are in perfect harmony with? Of course not. Moreover, such isolation can be dangerous. You just need to avoid people whose views and moods are directed to the side opposite to success.

5. Pay attention to the energy of others

Often pay attention to the energy of people around you. If you are friendly, sometimes it’s difficult to recognize toxic people. But if you learn to observe the energy of other people you can easily identify the negative ones. Pay attention to the body language and tone of the voice. Listen to sounds more than to the meaning of words. Insincerity is always audible. How do people treat you? What do they think about when they say something?

6. Beware of people who are constantly seeking attention.

Insecure people who are unable to build a healthy self-image and are constantly clinging to other people to feel better. They need your attention and constantly need to be in the center of everything. This need to be listened to can act very grueling.

7. Avoid people who constantly share their fears.

The anxiety of such persons can be contagious. Fear gives people some sense of security and when they share their fears, it fills them with a sense of meaning. And you will feel a complete breakdown after such communication.

8. Change the subject of the conversation

If you do not like what the person is saying, change the subject of the conversation. If you feel negative attitude in your address, start talking about something else. Whenever your interlocutor begins to lead the conversation in a negative direction, change the subject.

9. Make rest your priority

If you are constantly in a fight against negative people around you, you need to approach to the stress removal. Find out something that calms you and helps you to focus on yourself. For example, yoga is an excellent way to relax. To know more about this activity you better read yoga educational tips.

10. Wherever you are, be positive!

Take an inspiring example from more positive people and move away from negative ones. Stay cheerful. Accept and give compliments with a gratitude. Look people in the eyes and smile.

We live in a huge society filled with both positive and toxic people who make a great impact on our lives. If you take into account these tips, you will feel that your life changes in a positive way and you’ll find it easy to communicate with people of different characters.

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