Writing Old Tasks For A New Fruit!

Re-defining the Understanding Of New Year's Resolutions and the True Art Of Gaining Closure Into New Beginnings For the 2020 Year!

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As 2019 is coming to an end, New Year’s resolutions are being reflected upon and memories run rampid in the mind on what should have, could have, or would have been done in 2019. Regrets, reflections, and promises of making up for whatever lost time in the following year. Unfinished tasks needed to be completed, in order to have a fresh start in the next season of blooms.

The end of the year is a time for looking back. And, not merely reflection for the sake of reflecting. A yearly ritual to be done simply because others have done so. Its one of those immediate understandings that people have been obliged to do. A form of calling in improvement. Improvement and the betterment of self for a more productive, holistic, and spiritually elevating year.


When examining the world of improvement, it is essential to understand patterns of movement. Improvement doesn’t necessarily mean that we miraculously wipe out old mistakes or patterns that we accumulated during the previous year. Perhaps, that is why we often stay with old habits, during the New Year. Resolutions only live for one week, and then they are through. Then, its back to old habits, once again. Its become so common that resolutions are not taken seriously. People make them, as with other vows, and then they become distant memories throughout the entire year, only to be temporarily revived for a new era.

So, resolutions. . . Synonymous with the word, resolve. Working to complete things or issues, which have not been finalized. That’s the true meaning of a resolution if we want to partake in a deeper understanding of the actions behind this term. And, with any action, there is energy. Yes, indeed! It requires, WORK!


The auspicious thing in creating New Year’s resolutions is that it is out in the Universe. A target has been set. An aim has been established! Which means that we have a particular spacing to work forward to. Its exciting! Invigorating! Nourishing! Filled with the wonders of love and joy. Simultaneously, what allows such to further take place are the activities. These activities bring forth a unique persona and allure to the world of creativity and resolutions. Your mind takes over and you find yourself imagining a better you. Its that necessary excitement which establishes an invigorating connection in your Spirit.

Keeping our New Year’s resolutions alive during the New Year is intrinsic. One, it teaches you the art of patience. Secondly, it teaches you the magic of time. That for every for each step and action that you take (with small steps), you are bringing forth sparkling radiance in time. All of these efforts are part of that alignment in understanding the myriad paintings of time and space. Each individual has a role to play in it. Every person has their own painting in the Universe when they are exerting energy. Positive OR negative! The question is, what does your painting reflect of you?


In our claiming of patience, we are also brought into a reality of releasing our desire to control. Even as we are crafting, creating, and working to achieve our resolutions, established for the New Year, its very important to understand that we can not control everything. Its a fact! And, guess what? Its ok! Its alright if one is unable to achieve the next step in the journey towards our goal, for that day. Even going for days or weeks at a time. Discouragements happen. Pitfalls take place. Yet, don’t allow that to determine if one will reach their aim or destination. Because as the New Year, proceeds towards a distant past, one wants to articulate that steady work took place towards one’s goal. Simultaneously, its better if we are able to proclaim a new set of resolutions for the following year. Making our spiritual and humane journey, that much more exciting. That much more meaningful. That much more, alive!


Progressing through the New Year, we want to keep a steady tempo. Furthermore, we also want to ensure that we understand that the previous year, and the current are interconnected and interchanged with each other. They are not separate entities, simply because one has passed. Absolutely not! What we have to understand is that what was done in the previous year, will be reflected in the, new. This is extremely important to comprehend. Planting our seeds in a previous year, or two, will allow us to comprehend the meaning of time’s fluidity. Ever evolving. Ever shaping. The past is not separated from the future, and the future affirms the present.

All in all, the challenge is for one to acknowledge the seriousness, and rigidity, of New Year’s resolutions, as they require the step-by-step footprints, in their fruition for the coming year. Understanding that the previous year is connected to the new one. And, that we are utilizing the new year to transition out of the old one. That is one of the joys, beauties, and blessings of it all. That true change and aspirations become realities when mistakes, or bad habits, are worked through. Worked into an energy of perfection, or near to it. And, even if improvement has not been perfected, at least we are working OUT of it. Therefore, if one is doing the work, with consistency and precision throughout the year, then we are achieving our New Year’s resolutions. And, achieving them in a way where they will be. . .finalized.


Ah! New Year’s! They say out with the old, and in with the new. Yet, few realize that the old can transform into something. . .new. Its a more natural and realistic understanding. Frankly speaking, its this understanding, which assists one in achieving those resolutions. Because it works on the task of improvement, rather than separation from past habits and practices (through words), through illusions of drastically and hastily changing them because time has received a new number, based on man’s mathematical calculation and understanding of time. So, onward to 2020, and the chopping, cutting, and peeling away of old patterns into new and improved. . .fruit!


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