Why Covid-19 Could Literally Make Your Hair Fall Out.

You may not have even considered it...But if you stress too much, this is EXACTLY what could happen.

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Woman Losing Hair

Is Hair Loss Possible During The Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has caused many problems for all people throughout the world. And these problems can come in more ways than one.

Next to businesses shutting down and the overall worldwide economy crashing, the health sector is probably the second, if not the first, most impacted aspect of life. But how our healthcare system has changed isn’t all that’s been affected. People’s health has undergone considerable changes, especially since the pandemic has been around for almost a year.

Pandemic and Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the common affected health issues that many people experience amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many reasons why your hair may lose its strength and fall out. But one of these causes or catalysts is the pandemic. This is because stress is one of the main reasons that could cause hair loss, and it can come in many forms.

Emotional Fear

When it comes to the unknown, nothing but fear and doubt comes to mind. COVID-19 is a new virus that has yet to have a cure. Because of this, the outbreak has brought with it a lot of negative emotions. As a result, many people can become anxious about what’s happening or what is not happening.

Therefore, people are being overcome with anticipation to the point that the quality of their hair is affected. This is due to the telogen effluvium putting the hair follicles in a resting stage during stress. Eventually, the hair strands become weakened and have a higher chance of falling out.

Poor Diet

Because most of the world has to remain at home to prevent the virus from spreading further, people’s stress can lead to a poor diet. Being confined at home can easily cause boredom to creep in. Therefore, eating becomes a routine and even a pastime. And without a proper, healthy diet, your hair will not receive the sufficient nutrients it normally needs to stay healthy.

Financial Shortage

Another issue that most families have to overcome is financial burdens. Not being able to pay for bills or rent can certainly increase the stress levels of anyone. So having a shortage of income from losing your job or reducing your shifts can influence hair loss.

Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Unfortunately, there are not as many solutions to preventing hair loss as there are to its causes. Nonetheless, these solutions are some of the common and effective ones that you can do:

  • Eat healthily – Although you may not have the comfort of eating as much as you want, you can still aim to eat healthy and have wholesome foods such as fruits and vegetables whenever possible.
  • Reduce stress – Stress is an essential factor in helping you achieve daily tasks. But too much of it is when it becomes harmful. So if you can, avoid those things that can cause increased stress, such as worrying.
  • Use non-toxic products – Of course, your hair products should not contain any artificial substances or products that may be toxic. Instead, use organic or natural means to clean and strengthen the roots of your hair.


COVID-19 has done a lot of damage to the world already. But this does not mean that you can let it do additional damage to you. So by taking extra care of yourself amidst this crisis, you can prevent your beautiful hair from falling out earlier than it’s meant to.

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