What type of coating to choose to equip a terrace?

What type of coating to choose to equip a terrace? Depending on the type of house, the materials it is made of, its style, and its colors, the choice of flooring to equip a terrace can be tricky.However, if we take into account the important criteria for this type of equipment, it is quickly possible […]

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What type of coating to choose to equip a terrace?

Depending on the type of house, the materials it is made of, its style, and its colors, the choice of flooring to equip a terrace can be tricky.
However, if we take into account the important criteria for this type of equipment, it is quickly possible to reduce the list of possibilities:

  • A terrace must be non-slip.
  • The maintenance of its surface should be as easy as possible.
  • The solidity of the coating must be foolproof (sun, frost, shocks, etc.). Its resistance determines its longevity.
  • It must represent an aesthetic added value.

One of the only materials meeting all of these criteria is stone resin. Its adoption offers many advantages, guaranteeing to opt for a solution that is at the same time draining, resistant, durable, and aesthetic. So many arguments to take a closer look at this coating.

Stone resin is a resistant material and perfects to equip the surroundings of your home

First of all, do you know what a stone resin is?

It is a composite material, made of mineral aggregate and polyurethane-based resin. It allows equipping large exterior surfaces, without having to set up any seal whatsoever. This gives a homogeneous and very aesthetic surface, contrary to what the laying of tiles or stoneware for example implies.

The uniformity and compactness of this coating are ensured by the use of resin, which serves to agglomerate the mineral particles (quartz or marble), while protecting them from UV rays and external aggressions. The set thus resists exposure to direct sunlight, allowing you to walk on its surface barefoot, without risking burns.

Indeed, thanks to the honeycomb structure created by the mineral aggregates, the air circulates easily over its thickness, allowing thermal regulation. It is these same interstices that give all its draining power to the material. Capable of draining up to 50 liters of water per second and per m², the stone resin thus prevents the formation of puddles on its surface.

These same crevices allow it to resist freezing, leaving room for water to expand without causing cracks. This effect is accentuated by the presence of resin which gives this coating its elasticity, increasing resistance to negative temperatures.

While gratings or wooden slats would become slippery, the stone resin remains perfectly adherent. Under these conditions, sandstone pavers or any waxed concrete slab would become difficult to pass, while the agglomerate of marble and resin remains perfectly accessible without assuming any risk.

What about the decorative aspect of these coverings?

Aesthetics are of prime importance when building a terrace. This space must perfectly match the garden while highlighting the house it equips.

Although it is true that it is possible to find tile tiles of all colors and types, it is nevertheless necessary that these are separated by joints. As for wood coverings, many options are possible (exotic wood slats, composite wood slats, etc.), but the choice of color is often limited. A waxed concrete slab can be tinted and thus match the surrounding environment, but it will be necessary to create expansion joints, marring the homogeneity of the fitted surface.

A stone resin floor can be chosen in a natural tone, taking into account the use of mineral aggregates to make it. It is possible to choose the color from a palette of varied shades, allowing the construction of terraces to match all types of ambiance and decoration. These coatings are also often used to equip swimming pool surroundings, to guarantee the safety of users when they leave the water (non-slip), as well as to enhance the pool. Since it is possible to remove the copings and ensure that the covering reaches the edge of the swimming pool, the aesthetic effect is guaranteed.

Note: The stones used to compose the aggregates are natural. They are crushed to achieve the grain size required to create these floor coverings. The different colors available in this range of products are therefore all-natural. Although reconstituted, the stone retains its mineral aspect.

One of the advantages of stone resin in terms of decoration, style, and customization is the possibility of creating graphic patterns by combining several aggregates. It is also to create a speckled effect by combining marble and quartz, for the creation of a sophisticated and unique coating.

How to be sure to choose an easy-care material?

Wooden decks require fairly frequent cleaning, in addition to periodic treatment to ensure that the material does not age prematurely. Tiling requires several passes per year to rid it of deposits and traces due to its waterproofing. Puddles of water can form and then dry, causing the appearance of halos that must be washed. The same goes for a waxed concrete slab which must be free of dust and traces caused over time.

The stone particles used to compose a marble or quartz aggregate are rolled. They, therefore, have a smooth surface. In addition, the protection offered by the resin reinforces the fact that dust and impurities have little grip. If we add to this the fact that the material is draining and that it does not cause the formation of any puddle, we thus obtain a coating that is very easy to maintain in its original state. The manufacturers recommend only one good cleaning per year, at the end of winter, using a water jet and a broom. It is possible to add a degreasing product to it to remove any stains caused by decomposed leaves, but its maintenance stops there. A stone resin terrace requires only one good cleaning per year.

This floor covering therefore offers real comfort in terms of the efforts it requires to be kept clean.

Resin Aesthetic Aggregate Coating
What work should be planned for the manufacture of a stone resin terrace?
Unlike many other coatings, if the support on which the resin will be placed is in good condition, all the work will be completed in just a few days.

First, you have to prepare the support on which the terrace will rest. The application of an epoxy resin guarantees the adhesion of the final coating. Aluminum rulers will then be placed to delimit the installation space. Each serves as both a guide and a finish.

The next step is the laying of the final material, namely, the agglomerate of aggregate and resin. Once the batter is smooth and perfectly homogeneous, it becomes practicable after 24 hours of drying.

Note: It is important to entrust the realization of this work to professionals authorized to install this coating. It is at this price that you will have the assurance of having a terrace as durable as equipped with all the qualities expected of the material which composes it.


Although it is true that the options are numerous in terms of flooring to compose a terrace, for those looking for a material that perfectly meets all the advantages that one expects from this type of space, stone resin is an ideal solution. At the same time durable, draining, non-slip, and easy to maintain, it meets all the criteria necessary to make an informed choice.

If you had not considered stone Resin Driveway to equip your future patio, you should try to find out more about it. The qualities and advantages that this coating offers deserve your attention. For further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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