What makes a fresher girl entering college more anxious? Let’s have a look!

Teenagers turns into adults shaping a whole new experience, being in college, so how it could feel to a girl, and what she sets an image about her first day in college...

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I could remember that goosebumps feeling, that butterflies bumping in the stomach, the first ever day of my college, that nervousness, being anxietic for the moment that how it’s going to be? First Day? New Environment? New Friends? Believe me we as girls go half crazy about the fun and exciting life of the college, just by merely visualizing it.

We see in movies or television, that how a life, teenagers growing adults lead in colleges. All of a sudden, a thought struck in our minds that, really the life at college is going to be so cool and awesome? But hey! In reality, sometimes it occurs to be all different and this maybe all because, we let our first anxious thoughts to rule over our mind.

Yes, ofcourse, it’s true strict disciplined colleges doesn’t seem to be that cool and casual college, as career management and goals become their priority. But here I am going to tell about the basic worries of newly entering college students, specially girls, that what are their initial thoughts arouse in their minds or they just keep it, as naturally the college passed students would tell them a number of things, which could be daring as well as enthusiastic, and some say for the sake of just putting early buds of college in worry for merely having fun. Actually it turns out to be nothing such like that.

So here are mine first thoughts before entering my college and not knowing so much about it, specially for the girls who gets too tensed or nervous, a night before going to college as taking an initial step in further life means a lot, but due to anxiety, I don’t want any girl to lose out of this new experience of her first day in college remaining anxious all day.

1. The first ever thought in a girl’s mind that what if anyone tries to take out ragging:-

On this part, I would like to say that girls or the feminine nowadays has become so bold and ambitious that no one could stop her way. Every girl should carry this believe in herself that she’s that mature enough indeed bold to handle every situation. As such thing nowadays as ragging happens not that often and it’s alright if you’re not ready for it, because the moment and experience which would be one day part of your memory.

2. The second thought which could make any girl anxious before stepping out for her college is “dress”, appropriate outfit suiting the day:-

Girls just relax, it’s not about your clothes which defines you at the end, character and behaviour matters. Just wear a comfortable outfit that suits your mood, and if some new people want to be your friends, they will because of your charming behaviour.

3. Then comes that intense feeling that what type of people would they encounter with:-

It is always seen that girls are more keen and open to meet unknown people than boys. Though girls are particular about whom they talking and letting in, but still different environment, different people seem to wake up a girl’s nerve.

4. The weirdest but amazing thought in a girl’s mind, that she doesn’t fit in:-

To this thought I would like to say is that people tend to change if not today, then tomorrow, situationally also people change. So we don’t have to over-think and work about it a lot. Because keep yourself unique and different in whatever way you could and it really doesn’t matter you doesn’t fit, in this way people will be attracted more towards you as you are different.

5. The most intelligent thought, “Will exposure to college environment help me in self-development?” :-

As girls at this stage become more determined and ambitious and through exposure to outer world wants to develop themselves. That’s a good feeling actually, but stay calm, your involvement in different types of work and activities will definitely make you the overall knowledged person and would open several paths for you.

6. Another thought buds into a girl’s mind, “Would I get more approachable people ever there ?” :-

This thought clarifies the people and their personalities as competitive, more approachable, studious or teacher’s pet. And by approachable people means more persuasive and mentor types people, who could help them to understand how to set priorities for other related things. But for girls, it is a good thing, if found a mentor, otherwise college experiences afterwards would make you a strong mentor yourself.

It’s natural to start something new or to make your way in a whole new world, could make you anxious initially, just calm yourself, thinking that you are on your path of growth and the most important thing in this world is ‘experience counts’. Don’t ever let your nervousness ruin your unforgettable experiences.

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