The Virgo Full Moon — 3 Do’s and Don’ts

What to do to make it a good one.

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Just as we thought it might be okay to come out from underneath the duvet after the intense eclipse shenanigans, it seems we might have been lured into a false sense of security.

So I wanted to give you a heads up.

It feels as if it’s been a bit relentless lately doesn’t it?

Things just haven’t been going to plan, taking a lot longer than “they should”, or having a completely unexpected outcome (if you’ve even been lucky enough to have one that is)!

Most of us have been feeling hung, drawn, quartered, completely rocked to the core, turned upside down, shaken and most definitely stirred — backed in a corner, completely confused and not knowing which way to turn — because they all seem blocked.

I’ve felt it, and I know other have too, in my tarot group the other night we purposely picked cards to express how we were feeling — all of us picked The Moon and The Hanged Man, it was healing just to see we were all experiencing the same thing — listen to my words.

Moon and Hanged Man — I have been speaking about these energies all the way through this piece -The Hanged Man is Pisces and that’s what our last Moon was two weeks ago- a New Moon Eclipse in Pisces — and boy it was tough!

Pisces is the martyr — he is Jesus Christ on the cross ( and I happen to have moved into number 13 on a street that translates as “place of crucifixion and extreme suffering” — I live in hope for resurrection at Easter)!

After tuning into the energies of 2017 I did feel (and still do) that they are light, positive and freeing — but it seems like the first quarter is proving to be a long drawn out death for us all (whether we live in the street of crucifixion or not)!

The Full Moon in Virgo is likely to reactivate the stuff that the Pisces New Moon two weeks ago brought to light — so lets get on to the checklist to make sure we are prepared:

The Virgo Full Moon 3 Do’s And Don’ts:


1. Look after yourself — Virgo likes to be clean and healthy inside and out, take time to make sure you are in pristine tip top condition.

2. Virgo is the corn maiden. Eat well, that means good natural home cooked food (and not too much of it — full moon’s can make us overindulge).

3. Be of service — and let go of doing it for a return — be of true selfless service. Virgo is the sign of duty and service, fulfil it to the best of your ability.


1. Be too hard on yourself — Virgo is a very hardcore voice in the head, it’s relentless about not being good enough — don’t listen to it.

2. Criticise others, that critical voice that says you aren’t good enough, says others aren’t too, be careful of picking holes in others.

3. Be a perfectionist — OCD, Perfectionism, high standards it all comes to the forefront now, watch for it, the tendencies are high.

At Full Moon the Sun is opposite the Moon, and although opposite signs share the same shadow, we can step into the light. With Pisces and Virgo the shadow is self sacrificial martyrdom, step away!

Take FULL responsibility for what has been happening in your life. It’s been a very bitter pill to swallow I know, but force it down others throats and karmically you will choke on it. Strong words that are coming through my fingertips as I type — I am being told the more bitter this medicine tastes the better it is for you — and boy is it bitter! Swallow it and all will heal.

Virgo is dutiful, it tells us to get grounded and get on with it, get into routine, take responsibility and be of service without any martyrdom.

I’m wishing you a wonderfully healing moon, and if you feel motivated to embrace the light, positive energies then please see below:

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