The Success Anatomy: Learn How Innovative Entrepreneur Jason Bramble Lives on His Own Terms

Positivity, confidence, and persistence are key in life, so never give up on yourself

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Having gone through a lot of struggle as a kid, Entrepreneur Jason Bramble has shown us that even in the bleakest situations, there is still a chance to make something out of your life.

Jason and his brothers were raised by their mom in a violence driven neighborhood located in Southwest Philadelphia.

Growing up in SouthWest Philadelphia was tough for Jason and his family. They didn’t have much to show financially, but Jason’s mom always made sure they had a sufficient amount to live with daily. 

She would work late nights, sometimes all hours in the night, and take double shifts so that they could have food on their plates.

There were nights when the power supply to their home was cut due to unpaid Light bills. There were also nights when Jason’s house was riddled with shots. Jason developed a phobia for bullets as a kid because of this.

It’s safe to say that Jason’s neighborhood wasn’t the best place for a growing adolescent to live in. So when he hit his teenage years, his mom decided to move him to his aunt’s house in the suburbs in hopes of giving him a better future. 

A few years went by, and Jason graduated from high school and proceeded to college.

Of to college…

Jason’s college years were spent in West Chester University where he obtained a degree in business management.

In college, Jason’s best friend was involved in a fatal accident. He got hit by a car on his commute to work and lost his life. 

Jason had seen many friends and family members die (because he grew up in a violence-ridden environment) but hearing that his best friend got killed changed his life forever.

His friend was the only person he discussed his dreams and aspirations with – the cars he would drive and the businesses he would start.

And his friend always supported him. No matter how crazy the idea was, he would always say, “You can do it.”

Building a legacy…

After college, Jason got a job at a marketing agency and took on various positions ranging from digital marketing to operational and enablement roles.

Jason also ventured into affiliate marketing and e-commerce; during this time, he formed a habit of networking with people. 

Jason would write down the days of the week on a whiteboard and put three checkmarks under each day; the checkmarks represented the number of people he would reach out to in a day. He leveraged social networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook to connect and build relationships with people. 

His goal was to reach out to 21 people a week and build meaningful connections with at least 3 of those people by analyzing their page and offering his services for free. This opened up a lot of opportunities for him.

Three years passed, and Jason reached out to his partner Joe. At the time Joe was in the process of building Staiberr Consulting, he ran an e-commerce mentorship program. 

Jason and Joe touched base a few times, and they planned on starting an agency. The foundation was set and was solid! With Jason skills as a business manager and Joe’s ability to leverage the digital space successfully, nothing could stop them.

Every young entrepreneur who’s just starting could learn a thing or two from Jason’s story of Self- improvement, Networking, discipline, and consistency.

Early this year, Jason and his partner Joe created Staiber Consulting, a digital marketing/ Business consulting firm, and they were able to scale it to 6-figures.

Staiberr Consulting helps Companies and individuals grow their brands through strategic and personalized digital marketing efforts, public relations, content creation, lead generation, and process integrations.

The goal at Staiberr Consulting is to increase brand awareness and maximize ROI for clients based on their specific needs. These needs vary; it might be better engagement, an increase in qualified leads, enhanced e-commerce efforts, or increased revenue.

Stellar Achievements 

Jason and his partner, Joe, have been able to achieve what most think impossible in such a short period, the most significant achievement being the results they’ve gotten for their clients.

After working with Staiber Consulting, clients see returns on investment that goes well above the industry average. Apart from this, clients also experience Excellent customer service and receive unparalleled value.

So far, Staiber Consulting has expanded its brand across the United States. 

The Media got wind about the agency’s incredible strides in the business and marketing world and, eventually, this opened a lot of doors for both Jason and Joe- In the form of speaking events and online publications.

You can catch Jason and his partner Joe at the Netcon Event this October.

Although Staiber Consulting focuses a lot on digital strategies for its clients it also mentors students in e-commerce and digital marketing- with this, they’ve helped countless individuals chase their dreams and build their businesses and agencies.

Taking a break…

Jason might seem like a busy person, but the truth is that he’s a family man!

He’s a pretty simple person. Outside of work, Jason works out and enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Tori. Recently, he and his girlfriend became puppy parents – Most of their free time goes to Cooper, their puppy. Jason also loves traveling.

You would also catch Jason reading Books. Yes! Books are warehouses of knowledge. Running business operations at Staiber Consulting means you have to be up on your feet, mentally and psychologically. 

Jason Recommends reading the Four Hour Work Week; this was the book that led him to his entrepreneurial journey. It opened his eyes to endless possibilities and gave him an entrepreneurial mindset. This book provides tactical advice and motivation to take the leap.

Jason also recommends the book Atomic Habits. Human Psychology is often overlooked in business. Atomic habits help you get on the path to building a foundation of good habits.

I asked Jason to give some advice on facing challenges as a young entrepreneur, here’s what he said;

Me – How do you solve the challenges you face as a young entrepreneur?

Jason- I think the first thing that young entrepreneurs or anyone starting a business need to understand is that you can’t escape problems. Obstacles are going to come; it’s just a matter of how resilient you become when facing those problems and your ability to pivot into a different direction if needed.

I’ve been part of startups trying to break even to companies doing millions of dollars in revenue, and I can tell you that they all face the same problems day in and day out.

I’ve also seen a lot of entrepreneurs try to recreate the wheel; the sad truth is that this doesn’t always work out.  

If every company faces problems, you can be certain that a lot of them have similar issues to the ones you are facing, So the best thing to do sometimes is to ask for help. 

Reach out to people in your space and get advice, ask if you can buy them lunch and offer them free value- this has saved me a lot of money and mental energy because trying to handle specific issues with no insight can lead to late nights of uncertainty.

Another thing I’d like to talk about is Mentorship. You need to find someone that has accomplished what you want to achieve and follow their footsteps.

Back in elementary school, I was always at the top of my age group athletically, buts as the years passed the gap between myself and the students who excelled at sports continued to grow. 

Of course, some people are more talented than others, but the main reason this happened is that I wasn’t looking up to anyone. I would show up ten minutes before games whereas the ones who excelled at sports had people pushing them to do drills, shoot a particular amount of shots a day, and play in multiple leagues.

This is the reason why I take self-improvement very seriously, and I’m on a never-ending search for mentors because I realize that very few people are willing to do what it takes to become part of the 1%.

The other aspect of the challenges that you will face will be mental obstacles.

There are nights when you stay up all night working because you’re so excited and then nights where you’re up all night wondering if it’s worth it.

 A lot of people will tell you that it won’t work out and you should give up. You’ll have to believe in yourself. You’ll also need to learn to rest, clear your head, and get back to it. 

This is why surrounding yourself with people who have the same drive and vision as you is so crucial.

You can keep tabs with Jason on Instagram.

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