that moment

From one moment to the next

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that moment.
i have decided not to be politically correctnot to continue to write in ways everyone else writes,but to continue writing in the way of my takes courage to do things differentlyto write without caps and to not punctuatebecause you believe that every sentence is a thought unto itselfand the separation of a line is really the separation of a thoughtbut it takes couragebecause no one knows this is what you are doingbut still you choose to do it because you know what you are doing
it becomes your battle cryto all who do not know themselvesto no longer follow the masses that have led you away from who you areand now sit in the quietin the emptiness of not knowingand just listen
there is that moment, that one momentwhere if you wait for it,and listen when everything inside you wants to screamand break the silence that sits heavily upon your shouldersand begs you to get up and goto not allow one more second of that emptiness to hurt youthere is that moment just beyond what you think you can endurewhere you are ready to give upto beg the emptiness to stopwhere you no longer believe that what you once believed will happenwhere if you just continue to sit and experience the experienceeverything changes

That moment . . .where you experience the fear of see yourself falling the moment before you fallwhere everything that once was, vanisheswhere uncertainty puts a knife into the heart of what once was certaintywhere you suddenly start to believe,that you are not the strong person you were a moment beforebut rather a person that stands face to face with their weakness and crumbles
where the fall becomes a spiraltaking you deeper and deeper into unknown places you have never beenwhere you question everything where things that were once easy become incredibly hardwhere abundance vanishes where money which once came so easily is now nowhere to be foundwork which was abundant now becomes impossible to findwhere people you have helped climb the ladder now walk right past younot only not offering to help you but not even knowing you exist.
that momentwhere all that you once told others to believeyou come to realize you do not truly believe yourselffaith has become nothing more than a word that you do not practiceso easy to have when everything is going wellbut so hard to live by when all you want is nowhere to be found.
that moment where you stand eye to eyetoe to toeheart to heart with yourselfand the you that emergesfrom behind all the stories you have told yourselfis someone you do not recognise.

and you see in that moment, that the you, you thought you werethe one you were trying so hard to convince others you were toois not who you are at all.
you grew to believe you were the wall you put around yourself to protect yourselfand you did such a good job telling your story to othersthat when the wall crumbledyou had no idea who that person was lying in the fetal position crying like a baby.
that momentwhen you saw yourself for the very first timeand stood in your vulnerability and over and accepted yourself for all that you are
that moment when you realised you are not the lie that you have told peopleyou are not what you have done in your pastneither the good or the badthat you are not the hiding baby crying in the metal positionthat you are not any of these storiesbut rather the totality of all of that and more

you are not the stretch of road that is full of potholesyou are the entirety of that roadyou are the beautiful road that has brought you to this placethe patch of potholes you experience nowand the beautiful road that is just around the turn
“every road no matter how beautiful will eventually develop potholesit is the work of The Road Worker to find the potholeschip away at their corners, remove the rubble from inside the holeand pour concrete into the pothole to level it off.”From The Road Worker in my book The Mosaic
that momentwhen we stumble and fallandthat moment when we rise againboth are just momentsthe question is, what makes one moment different than the otherthat is what i would like all of us to consider together.

please listen to stories of others from all walks of lifeeach in their own way will illustratewhere we are now is not who we are, it is only where we are nowthat is the beauty of The Mosaic Podcastwhere we talk to people of all nationalities, colors, religions, bordersand allow you to be a fly on the wall to hear conversations you would never hearand sit with people as they become vulnerable and leave the safety of who they are on their websiteand become who they really are.
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thank you for listening 

i am so excited to share with you my new website. in writing the copy for my site, i realized what it is i do.
the world has changed. it is no longer the world i once knew. and as i sit looking back on my life, on the things i have accomplished, on the mistakes I have madei realize more and more, i am no longer that person. 
as i look at all the things i once was and no longer am, i am reminded of The Street Artist in my book The Mosaic as he sits surrounded by broken pieces of ceramics and tiles and listens to them talk of how magnificence they used to be when they were whole and now as i discard my stories of who i used to be and sit in the emptiness of not being that anymore, i ask the emptiness to speak to me.
it doesn’t speak immediately or perhaps it does, and i do not know how to listen to it, so i sit more in the pain and the loneliness of not knowing who i am and i do not run away, nor do i ask this feeling to leave, but rather i listen to what it is trying to say to me and become more quiet.
and then i hear it.i hear who i am today speak to me, and because who i am speaks so beautiful to me, i want to share with you what i heard and who I am, so that you might attempt to listen to your soul too.
i am an observer and a listener. i watch and listen to the voice inside you.and I then i ask you questions such as these:
what if what you believe is not true?what if the stories you have created and the way you look at the world make it all seem true,but what if the world is nott what you believe it to be?
is there any possibility that things could be other than what you believe them to be?if so, what would that world look like to you?
and then i hold the space for that world to emerge in you.And i listen to the voice of your soul, smile.
to learn more about me: please click. if it resonates with you, i look forward to a conversation with youabout what working with you or your business might look like.

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