Scaling Your Business? Here’s How to Set a Solid Foundation Before You Outsource.

Discover the one powerful exercise that you should do before you begin to outsource and build your dream team.

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Tianna Tye, Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and Leadership Coach

Today’s expectations of scaling online businesses have led to one major phenomenon. Outsourcing. Outsource fast and outsource early – even before you think you need to. The truth? That’s pretty good advice. The solopreneur phase, while new and exhilarating, limits your ability to handle increased visibility and new clients! Simply put: as you become more successful, your ability to remain the doer-of-all-things decreases. That is a good thing.

But, here’s a big ole dose of reality… outsourcing to one-off freelancers will only get you so far! That is not a sufficient strategy for scaling long-term. If you’re serious about your business, it’s time to take things to the next level. It’s time to hire your dream team.

Don’t worry! Hiring your dream team doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can do it quickly or take your time – building out the team one person at a time, as it makes sense for your business. In any case, there is one powerful exercise everybody should do before they outsource.

The Daily Work Log

A daily work log is a document that tracks exactly how your time is spent throughout your workday. You write down your tasks, how long they take, whether you have a defined process for the task, and if you can outsource/delegate the task. It’s a great tool to get an accurate picture of how you spend your time. Why does this matter? Because as you build your dream team, you should be hiring team members that take ownership of specific tasks in your business! The daily work log will help you capture those tasks in an organized way! 

The magic of this exercise is in its simplicity and objectivity. All you have to do is write down the tasks that you’re doing for about 5 days straight. You should also write down any tasks that you didn’t get to!

Once they’re captured, each task should be put into 1 of 4 categories: stop doing, keep doing, automate, and delegate. By categorizing these tasks – you’re going to have a very clear picture of exactly what needs to happen before you onboard your new hire! 

Category 1: Stop Doing

These activities are really not beneficial for your business… frankly, they’re a huge waste of time. I’m looking at you mindless Instagram scrolling!

Category 2: Keep Doing

These are the tasks that move the needle that you’re actually really good at. For most business owners these tend to be revenue-generating tasks such as product ideation, education, speaking, etc. You need to handle these tasks personally. 

Category 3: Automate

These activities are important, but they are simple enough that a system could take over the daily management. If your new hire happens to be tech-savvy, these are the perfect tasks to get them to automate ASAP! 

Category 4: Delegate

These tasks are very important, but a system cannot take them over. This is the sweet-spot for your new hire! These are the tasks that you should ensure you’re mapping out clear SOPs and KPIs for so that you can easily train your new hire to take them over! 

The Bottom Line

After completing a work log for a few days many solopreneurs realize a couple of things:

  • There are a ton of things that could be automated in their business with technology.
  • They do a lot of tasks that are necessary to keep the business running but aren’t true revenue-drivers.
  • They have a ton of tasks that could be outsourced but don’t have the standard operating procedures for them mapped out.

Take some time to complete your daily work log and get your back end straightened out before you hire! Your future dream team will thank you for it.

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