Productivity Hacks for work from Home

Tips which will make you work less & achieve more

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Remember when you used to go to office, had a fixed routine, almost fixed work time and a boss to guide or manage you all the time.

Well, all that seem a million year ago after the Covid-19 enforced companies to let their employees do work from home.

So without the fixed set up of office, without the energy of the team to fire you up & a millions things going around us in the house, your productivity has gone for a toss.

As it is, it’s a challenge to maintain high productivity all the time but with all the distractions and limitations around us, productivity has become even a bigger issue now.

Well, you are not alone in this.

A million others are also trying to get in to that work from home zone.

So while you are figuring out on your own to set things right, let me add to it by putting up here the productivity hacks used by the super successful professionals around the world.

1) Dedicated workplace

Our Human brain is trained to function in certain manner based on the surroundings around it.

If you do not have a dedicated place to work in your home, your mind will always have the dilemma of setting itself between a home setting and work functions.

Having a dedicated place will prepare you mentally on what to expect from yourself there and on what to focus.

And as we all know, a clear mind always function at its best.

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2) Prepare as usual

We are never comfortable in our office attire in our bedroom and same way, we can’t be going to our office in our night suit.

Dressing normally as you do while going to office not only makes you mentally ready for the day ahead, it also shows your family about your commitment towards your work.

And if you yourself are not serious about your work, don’t expect them to take it seriously and not disturb you.

Getting ready not only makes you mentally fully present in your work, your family also respect the work you are up to which ultimately leads to better productivity.

3) Plan your day in advance

This is one productivity hack which almost every successful person in this world follows.

Knowing what is in store for you next day not only relaxes your nerves, it also sets the tone for the day.

Sure, there may be some surprises as you go along, but you always know your way back and finish what you wanted to do.

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4) 3 most important talk in first half

Various researches around the world have suggested that we start our day with a limited amount of will power which goes down as the day progresses.

So while it is at its peak at the start of the day, it is best to use it to complete the most important tasks of the day.

This will have two benefits:

  1. It will definitely result in better quality of the work
  2. Even if you are unable to complete any other task during the day, you know the day has been utilized well as the important ones are already under the carpet. 

5) Half an hour rule

The billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is known to divide his tasks in brackets of five minutes as he has a number of decisions to make during the day.

Expected of him when one is running 5-6 companies which are hell bent upon changing this world.

I know, I know, we are too far away from him.


We do have decisions to make during the day, tasks to finish and need time to rejuvenate.

Breaking the day in half an hour windows will help you to stay focussed while making good use of your time.

Set a timeline of half an hour for various tasks with a break of 2-5 minutes after every bracket.

By doing this, you will not only utilize your time well, you will have finished your tasks in time without putting too much of stress as the break in between will surely help to reduce the stress.

6) Learn to say No

This one is the most underutilized one but the most important one.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet was once asked the one thing he would credit to his success and his answer was the habit of saying No.

Everyone sends you emails, messages, calls, invitations for meetings based on their convenience and their scheme of things.

You have to decide whether that fits into your scheme of things, does that add value to your work, your life, if No, then say NO to it.

This one single hack, if used wisely, may add hundreds of hours a month in your life which you can use the way you want.

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7) Have specific time for calls, email checks & social media

This is one time in the history when we are surrounded by most no. of distractions.

By attending to them, you are not only losing the momentum, you are also losing the precious time of your work.

Your family is waiting for you to finish your work and have some good time with them.

Don’t make them wait by spending time on stuff which delays your work further and decreases your productivity.

Schedule a fixed time for those things so that you know how to pace your work to finish the day on a high. 

8) Chat with the team regularly

Anyways for success of the team, everyone has to be on same page.

While it’s easier to connect with others when all are sitting on the same floor, there might be communication gap, ideal differences or lack of understanding among the team members.

Therefore, in work from home scenario, it is even more important to connect with the team at least twice a day to assess what is to be done and what has been done.

With this not only the deadlines will be easier to meet, no one will feel like working alone for a cause no one knows about.

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9) Switch off after work

Our mind is designed to work in its most productive state for a certain number of hours only. It needs rejuvenation after that to again start with same energy.

That is why while focus and commitment is utmost important to improve the productivity, it’s equally important to switch off after work to keep your creative juice flowing.

Excess of anything is hazardous to its betterment and same goes with work.

So next time you take up another assignment after working hours, think of it as a crime as it would definitely reduce your quality of work.

Take it first thing next morning and you will see difference.

These are some of the few productivity hacks which will not only help you to increase your productivity; it will also help in improving the quality of your work and life.

If you are already into some of them, then take up the other ones.

And if you are using some other methods, then do let everyone know here.

Let’s make this work from home thing as super productive as it can be while being fun as well.

Happy Work from Home to all of you!!

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