Positive Mantras To Empower You

These positive mantras can give you the spark you need to see life in a joyful light again. After all, the key to change lies within and if you want your days to be different, you can´t keep thinking the same old things.

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Positive Mantras | Jan Marie Mueller

Sometimes it´s the smallest things that can help us when we´re stressed or stuck in a crisis. Simple positive mantras are a great way to empower yourself past the problems and into a place of calm, hopeful joy.

Stress and hard times often have us succumbing to feelings of hurt and pain. And, while you don´t want to suppress those feelings, you do want to avoid falling into the downward spiral that makes you forget how powerful you truly are.

These positive mantras can give you the spark you need to see life in a joyful light again. After all, the key to change lies within and if you want your days to be different, you can´t keep thinking the same old things.

It´s just a phase.

Nothing lasts forever – not even stressful times. If you´re not happy with how something´s going, do something to change it. If that seems like a stretch right now, see repeating this positive mantra as the first step in the right direction.

Life has my back.

Always remember that life is working for you, rather against you. There is continual positive energy swirling around us, each and every minute of every single day. Lean into that energy and remind yourself that life really does have your back.

I am okay.

Sometimes we think every day has to be fantastic and when it isn´t we feel let down somehow. But here´s the thing…sometimes being okay is good enough. So, even when things aren´t going your way, acknowledge that things could be worse and that you´re okay today. And that, in itself, is something to be thankful for. 

I am as strong and resilient as I need to be.

When life knocks you down, always remember: you have the power to get back up, turn around and blaze a new trail to follow. 

This moment is magical.

When you live in fear, it´s the past that´s getting in your way. When worry permeates your thoughts, it´s the future that´s got a hold on you. Either way, stop for a moment. Slow down. Focus on the moment at hand. Open yourself to the experience of it. Enjoy it before it gets away…because it will never come again.

I am amazing!

Yes, you are. Please remind yourself often…and never forget it.  

My heart knows the way.

When the voices in your mind are driving you crazy, stop and listen to your heart. What is it saying? Unlike the mind that often seems to have an agenda of its own, your heart will never lead you astray because it always wants the best for you.

I can be afraid…and do it anyway

We´re all human and we all feel fear. There´s no reason to deny it. But we don´t have to let fear stop us, nor do we have to let it lead the way.

Pushing it away only makes it grow. Acceptance stunts it.

So, when fear creeps in, feel it. Acknowledge it. Accept it. Then go ahead and do what needs to be done. You´ll be stronger for it.

I breathe calm in & breathe stress out.

No matter how crazy things get, each of us has a source of power inside that we can draw on when we need it.

When the hustle and bustle of life is wearing you down, tap into the power by closing your eyes, breathing deep and counting to 5 as you exhale all the stress away. I use this quick, simple tool to ground me so I can deal with day to day stress from a place of calm and focus. Give it a try.

I change what I can and let go of the rest.

Sometimes we spend far too much time trying change what we have little power over. The real power you have though is in changing what you can and letting go of those things you cannot.

Be honest with yourself when you are frustrated or unhappy with a situation. Is there really something you can do to change it? If so, then do it. If not, then accept that the situation is what it is and let it go. Acceptance and learning to let go have tremendous power of their own.

I always have a choice.

Feeling like you´re in control of a situation can be calming…especially when life is hectic and stressful. No matter how crazy things get though, it´s important to remember that it´s up to you how you choose to deal with what´s going on around you. How you feel is a choice. How you behave is a choice. How you think about it is a choice.

Sometimes the most powerful choice you can make is to change how you see a situation. Life is ALL about perspective.

I´ve done a lot in my life.

Be proud of everything you´ve ever achieved in your life. Size doesn´t matter, it´s the effort and the results that count. Sometimes it helps to sit down and make a list that you can go back over when you need reminding of all your successes – both big and small. 

I am surrounded by people who love me.

Parents, family, friends – there are far more people who care about us than we often realize. Chances are this is true for you, too. 

Create Your Own Positive Mantra

Did one of the positive mantras above speak to you? If so, then great! Please use it often.

If not, then why not create your own?

Go inside yourself and feel which positive belief resonates you on a deeply individual level. When you come up with one, try it on for size by repeating it several times out loud.

Then ask yourself: Is it simple enough to be easily remembered? Is it easy to say? Do the words awaken something deep inside of me? Can I feel their power when I say them?

Positive mantras that are short and sweet are best. But really, you are free to choose. Look for something that resonates with you on a deep, deep level. Aim to create a unique positive mantra that triggers an empowering feeling whenever you say it…then repeat it often.  

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