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Below are my responses to a sublime interview experience that changed direction:

Why do so many successful and powerful people trust you to help them?

I am diminutive in stature. I have unique alchemy of warmth, sincerity, altruism, boldness, genuineness, light-filled Illuminati, integrity, and evoke wisdom. These lend themselves to people trusting me intimately in the ephemeral moment. They see me and what I have to offer them in black and white transparency. I provide real-time clarity, which enables them to say yes or no. Suggesting, I was altruistic in how I gave to them. People interested in working with me are ready now.

How do you describe what you do and how you became so proficient at it?

I bring clarity, organization, independence, and solace to various aspects of people’s lives sans financially. I have an organic insatiable thirst for knowledge and people from all walks of life. The topics I study are for my own curiosity. I am nourished and inspired. The information is often utilized soon thereafter for a client and or people in my life. Frequently, while I am studying, the next person I want to work for comes to mind. I write them a cold letter of introduction right away. Many of the clients on my bio I have met spontaneously on the street, train, or in a venue. This occurs if I have been studying them for a period of time. I am in quietude alone listening, watching, and reading their work. Then we serendipitously meet!  The people and what we bring to one another’s lives are the most precious and cherished validation in my life. 

I welcome and embrace the work and process. Finding stature in discipline, rituals, spontaneity, sabotaging behavior, failures, unsuccess is crucial when learning to like and respect ourselves. Reflection, when successful, is equally paramount. This helps us not be in hubris or stagnant. I do not validate my self-worth or success in the longevity of the work or the client relationship. There is an exquisite art to short-term scenarios. I strive for:

excellence vs. perfection

command vs. control

What is the secret to your method of helping others?

I draw upon emotional, social, and spiritual intelligence that I curate daily. This provides me with clarity and objectivity when witnessing someone. I can appraise the situation and offer resolutions that are practical and philosophical at the moment.

What are some of your maxims about life and business?

authenticity, boldness, civility, compassion, empathy, fortitude, grace, humility, integrity, kindness, moral compass, passion, patience, resiliency, sincerity, stoicism, truth, and virtue

What inspires and influences you?

People who choose to thrive when faced with adversity and failure vs. victimhood. They mindfully use these experiences to become more evolved, empathetic, and better citizens of the world. 

What advice do you have for our readers?

Each of us is looking for ways to reclaim personal power and control in our surroundings and lives. Below are ways we can access and assess who we are presently and want to be going forward:

  • seek to define and reside in ‘healthy vs. normal’
  • strive for ‘excellence vs. perfection’ when applicable
  • words and tone matter whether we are speaking to ourselves or others
  • how we speak and gesture is a direct reflection on how we feel about ourselves
  • notice when you are feeling reactive or retaliatory towards a person or a situation. take a breath. you will be utterly amazed at how transformational one breath can be – breathing is = to meditation
  • try to insert the word ‘command vs. control’ when you speak. your body will instantly recalibrate

How do you deal with your own mistakes and failures?

I have made humiliating and debilitating professional mistakes that are both public and private. Resulting in responses that range from incredulous, shock, dismay, fury, grave disappointment, disengagement, permanent silence, and no closure.  Authenticity. Here are precisely the ways I deal with my mistakes and failures:

  • address the problem straight away. objectively, not defensively and with remorse
  • accountability to myself and the people my mistake/failure affected
  • I apologize orally and or in writing directly to the person and to the individuals affected
  • suggest solutions, ask for advice on how to rectify, resolve and not create the same mistake again
  • continue to the work at hand, not wallow in victimhood
  • I forgive myself 
  • I resigned
  • dive into my resilient inner core within 24 hours and begin looking for new clients, projects, and work

How do you keep reinventing Lisa?

I am keenly aware of how unique I am, and my entire life has been. From the age of six, I have felt a daily daunting privileged responsibility to return to others in reciprocity for all that I have been imbued, given, and experienced in life. This is the essence of who I am and all I aspire to be. When I mindfully engage in the act and art of service, my life unfolds in meaningful and priceless never-ending, ever-lasting Tikkun Olam – purpose and healing for myself and others. 

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