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A survey was posted in online discussion groups:

Are you sensitive to EMR
(Electromagnetic Radiation)?
What are the symptoms?
Have you found relief?

One response to the survey follows. Others are posted on the EMR comments page.

 ​Gigi Holloway-Brandford wrote:

It effects everything living. According to researcher Ann Louise Gittleman in her book ‘Zapped,’

“When it comes to EMFs, studies have shown that [children’s] thinner skulls and bones allow them to absorb twice the amount of radiation as a grown-up. EMFs can more deeply penetrate their brain tissue, which is more conductive than an adult’s because it contains a higher concentration of fluid and ions. One study found that a cell phone call lasting only two minutes causes brain hyperactivity that persists or an hour in children.”

I read they are coming out with a even faster cell phone – with EMF’s that are very harmful to trees and plants. Where are the laws – when will it stop ??

Articles and books cited herein are listed on the EMR resource page with links.

Face the facts, the threat is real.

​Reducing the threat is not so simple as turning off cell phones. Using an EMF tester, I found that not only electronics like this laptop set off the alarm, but even a battery operated fan puts out radiation over the safety limits set by the meter.

Surely people have various levels of tolerance, but there is no doubt in my mind that the ‘average’ person is exposed to enough electromagnetic radiation to damage health. There are other ‘interests’ which try to downplay the damaging effects, as the tobacco industry did with smoking, so for personal health and safety one needs to be diligent and see through deception and complacency.

This excerpt from the article, ‘Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – Symptoms, Prevention and Recovery’ gives a bullet-point overview of the author’s EMR sensitivity symptoms:

  • several rashes almost like a sunburn only slightly bumpy, very sensitive to touch, slightly itchy, very tingly
  • a red glow above eyebrows and bridge of the nose
  • a rash which is different from the others and went from my temple out onto my cheek bone (on the phone side of my head)
  • a hypersensitivity to all radiation – electrical, magnetic, wireless/microwave and ionizing
  • lymph nodes suddenly becoming inflamed and sore (in the presence of radiation sources)
  • during peak electromagnetic exposure, when I was about to fall asleep, at the point where you ‘push’ yourself into a sleep stage, I experienced a very bright startling flash of light that seemed like an electrical shock in the brain and my body would jerk from the ‘jolt’. This occurred for a few weeks then dissipated as the radiation began to leave my body
  • really severe brain fog – which I still get on a much smaller scale when I am around wireless technology
  • stroke-like symptoms where the right side of my body was weak (lasted several months) and twice my brain seemed to ‘take a vacation’ for 3-4 hours – very scary
  • depression and a very hopeless feeling
  • eyesight seriously declining
  • very rapid heartbeat
  • bouts of unexplained fear and anxiety
  • tiny hard bumps that came up following a slight sensitive sensation on my arms (initially with the mower radiation but continued to re-erupt from hypersensitivity to wireless phone and computer router radiation and EMF coming from my granite countertops until I eliminated them from my environment)
  • a growing pressure behind my right eye

The author promotes biofeedback machines which may help people with severe cases of EMR Hypersensitivity. What about the rest of us, whose symptoms reduce our life quality but are not catastrophic — yet?

Personally, I feel that complicated technology or systems are not my go-to for any solution, if I can find one that is simpler and just as effective. However, I am in agreement with the suggestions for supplements provided in the article when they are verified by a person’s own intuitive feelings.

From the Airestech site:

The change in the cerebrum’s bioelectric activity in the presence of a mobile phone is so pronounced it could be called a localized electromagnetic storm.


While browsing the internet, have you noticed ads popping up which match your interests?

Recently, the above ad from Airestech caught my interest on a Spanish Guitar YouTube:

​​Airestech protects [products] help reduce the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation.

Airestech had already contacted me over the Whole Human web site, and I had gained respect for their people and technology. I clicked the link out of curiosity, to know where it would lead.

It led to the Black Crystal:

Aires Black Crystal is designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations emitted by large data transmitting electronic devices like Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Smart TVs, Smart Meters, Wi-Fi Routers, etc.

At the heart of the Aires Black Crystal is a next generation 24-vector silicon based Aires microprocessor – an etched fractal diffraction nano matrix that triggers the forward and inverse Fourier transformation of the electromagnetic radiation it interacts with.

Wow, that’s a headful, but it makes sense. I was already convinced that the threat of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) is real and had started to defend against it in small steps such as taking supplements of iodine, magnesium and selenium and using thoughtfully-made orgone discs. I do feel a difference. What really catches my attention is that Aires micro processor technology:

…. harmonizes the interaction of external electromagnetic fields with the body’s own baseline radiation, bringing their parameters into alignment…. acting as an adapter between the environment and an object and vice versa, it stabilizes the body’s functional state.


  • No more electronic devices to detoxify us from the toxicity of electronic devices!
  • No more practitioner networks to make founders wealthy and consumers dependent!
  • No more anecdotal evidence without independent research findings!

We need effective methods which are based on lab science along with user testimonials, are widely affordable and self-empowering, and can evolve with our evolving understanding.


What really catches my attention about Aires micro processor technology is that:

Thus, using the Aires coherent transformer as a protective device not only effectively restructures electromagnetic fields generated by electronic devices, transforming them into a coherent form, it also improves a host of physiological measures of one’s health due to the neutralization of one’s own electromagnetic radiation. – Airestech site

Wow! A self-powered micro processor which not only defends the body against toxic electromagnetic radiation and alleviates symptoms but also harmonizes the EMF of a person.

A consumer asked for clarification, and AireAdmin responded,

Our bodies have a natural, balanced electromagnetic field. When we use or interact with electromagnetic frequencies from devices such as cell phones, laptops and routers, our body experiences a negative influence or stress. This influence or stress is called an anomaly. Our patented Aires Technology is able to counteract this influence or stress and remove the anomaly, by harmonizing and balancing your own electromagnetic field with the influencing (foreign) electromagnetic field. Thus restoring your body back to it’s natural, functional state (baseline).


Even the greatest solution will not be one-size-fits-all in such a diverse population as humankind. But, from the standpoint of finding the simplest and most effective approach, a microprocessor which balances the personal electromagnetic field while neutralizing the deleterious effects of EMR, and is non-electronic (that is, needs no external power source) is a winner.

This technology is backed by many years of independent scientific studies and numerous consumer testimonials, which can be read in detail online.

The benefits include ‘a feeling of being grounded, sleeping better, removal of symptoms…’ and that is just the beginning. I am ‘going for the gold’ of clearer communication with electrons for a new way of approaching life on planet Earth.


I talk with conscious electrons. There is more to it than that, of course, which can be read from the Frequency Awareness page of the Whole Human site.

After musing on neutralizing electromagnetic radiation, and having one of my ‘electron sessions,’ the thought percolated up, ‘The products [that I’d been thinking about] will reduce interference so we can have clearer communication.’

Now, I don’t have enough track record to say much of anything definitively about all this communicating with electron stuff, but somehow it rang true. All I can really say is, ‘we’ll see.’

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