Move across the Years Seamlessly Without a Hitch

It may not be necessary for you to wait three hundred and sixty days to resolve on what to do to get to your goals, any time will do and do spectacularly well… self-appraisal, your movement and your plans.

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Making New Year Resolutions has become an annual ritual for many people. These people do this ritual so religiously, but at the end of the day, many of them fail to implement the resolutions successfully. Though many factors are responsible for this innocuously hypocritical tendency, the most culpable of them is people’s inclination to trying to break the present away from the future, all in a bid to hastily bring about changes. 

But is that realistic when every new calendar year is a continuation of the same ‘old’ life you are living, your life!

Definitely no.

So, what do you do to keep on living your life, set goals and achieve them without a hitch?

This is it, you don’t have to disconnect; all you need is to reach out to the future from within. Appraise the expiring calendar year gauging how you fair base on the following key areas of life. Then make necessary amendment and carry on.

Intrapersonal relationship

Your relationship with yourself. This is where the most stress steals into your life especially from the angle of emotions: anger, worries, confusion, joy, ecstasy, satisfaction etc. If you have a good emotion management system, you are immune to stress and its like. When we talk about stress, we are actually talking about your emotion management system. It is when that system breaks down that stress arises. Now, through the year, be fair to yourself, what rating will you give the performance of this system on a scale of 0 – 5?  

Interpersonal relationships

Your relationships with the people around you, be it at work or in your neighbourhood. Your interpersonal relationship is intrinsically connected to your interpersonal relationships. Your personality attracts and repels. That is why you often have a particular type of people as friends and another type as foes.

However, reaching your goals in life is at times discriminatory along this line. It does not care whether some people are friend materials or not. All it wants is you managing them successfully so that your goal is attained.

How successful are you at doing this (managing people successfully) during the last twelve months? Use a 0 – 5 scale.

Set career goals

A fulfilled life reeks of success and contentment. And is definitely stress-free. It is everyone’s desire. Philosophically, it is available for all, but not all will grab it, either because they don’t have the technical knowhow or because they are too preoccupied with less important things to notice the screaming opportunities.

Well, how have you faired in seizing and utilising career opportunities? Use the same scale.

What Next?

Now, check your sincere rating and see whether you will give yourself a pass mark or not. From there you can easily chart a better way of achieving your goals where you did not do well and maintain the things you are obviously doing right.

Where possible, you may also improve on even things you are doing right.

Just take it one by one. For relationship, set your criteria to help you decide on which relationship you need to invest on more and those to just discontinue.

Where your career is directly involved, higher qualifications and trainings cannot play second fiddle to any other thing. And it is not a sin to have your eyes on offices and positions. It is cool to be part of the management. It prepares you for a lot.

A qualification that can pave the way for you towards getting a management position or aid your rise up the management ladder is an MBA. It is available to all fields and at almost all universities, even online. It is so flexible these days that even a field as ‘bookish’ as medicine now has courses that can satisfy your aspiration; such as online MBA in healthcare management.

The End Result

By next year, your life continues with lots of positive changes that do not appear to have been made, and you save yourself the burden of the suffocating feeling of being under obligation or oath. In other words, you will achieve a lot without waiting for the end of the year.

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