Mastering Memorable Moments

Now is Your New Next

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Do they choose us or do we choose them?

It could be argued that memories are simply a collection of the moments in your life, a natural extension of the things that you do. Yet, if you actively source and mindfully seek out memories by creating the time and the space to be memorable do you access a treasure chest of opportunities to build upon personal growth and success?

I believe that you do!

As you pivot into 2019, here are 3 ways to curate and drive legendary moments that stick!

Embrace the Plot Twist: If your whole life is a story, then each new year is a plot twist! What experience do you seek to call your own? Take the time right now as you are reading this to think of 4 things that you have always wanted to do yet never did. Did you not allow that experience into your life because you were afraid to? Is it something you have been talking about forever and yet have never gotten any traction on? Pick one of those things TODAY that you can commit to in the first quarter of 2019. Break it down into 4 actionable steps, one to be taken every month. Put those steps on your calendar and back them up with any deposits, RSVP’s, or commitments necessary to get them done. Then BE MEMORABLE! Once you complete the first plot twist, move on to the second item on your list and detail out your next steps in the same way over the following four months. Continue creating memorable moments all year long. Place trust in this next chapter of your life because you are designing it!

Accentuate the Ask: Manifesting is not for non-believers! So, put it out there! Recently, I was at an event with my daughter and she stated that she really would like to get an apartment in that part of the city. Less then 2 weeks later, seemingly from nowhere she had that very apartment, only a block from where we were standing! What you think about you have the opportunity to bring about. Ask for what you want, from others and more importantly from yourself. Often times you may think that you are asking for what you want when in actuality you ask instead for everything else around that thing that you want!  Be clear. Be concise. Be memorable! Practice your proposed “ask” in front of the mirror. What answer would you give yourself?

Master 24: Reinvent your relationship to the day you are in. If you want to create the life you desire, your power to do so rests in the energy currency that you bring to the 24-hours you are currently experiencing. Tomorrow does not have memories. Memories live in yesterday. Yet they are born in TODAY. If you want to be the driver of those memories your power position is NOW. Great news!! You can control that! Today is a series of choices. Start your day with a list of 3 ways you will USE TODAY. Recap your day with 3 ways that you ACTUALLY DID SPEND THE DAY. Make this a habit and you will begin to take a more active and aligned approach to mastering 24. The results? You will drive and curate the memories you seek!

The Personal Success Accelerator System is your complete DIY guide to generating and celebrating success because Now is Your New Next!

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