Living in an Era full of Critiques.

criticizing someone is very easy but showing the right direction helping them with healthy support one must be thoughtful of.

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Criticism is a disapproval of people or their thought, not for having faults, but having faults different from your own.

Sitting in my study scrolling my twitter all this lockdown if I had made something out is that each and every human sitting on or off or behind the screen is a critique and he/she have got a right to criticize whatever he wants to and whatever he feels like irrespective of anything whether  he have knowledge about it or not whether he knows the whole matter or not. Weather he is aware of the fact or whole cause or not or how does it affects the other person’s life. whatever he might feel in and out so.

Nowadays everyone around there says due to increasing number of rape cases, murders, abuses etc. are leading end of humanity but when it comes to criticizing someone on the basis of anything it is media trial or emotion or something that would justify his/her view irrespective of as I said ‘knowing nothing’ it is definitely just an ‘assumption or something just randomly heard of’ irrespective of how it is affecting the other persons life who is been humiliated and criticized rather I would say harassed with words , raped with blames for which he/she is never responsible for. Each and every word you write so easily in flow are just your thoughts in name of RIGHT TO SPEECH rather misused and I must say to replace it with RIGHT TO CRITICIZE. On one end people say silence speak louder than words where on other end people out there don’t stop speaking for a minute. I know, you know, we all know this is done for TRP, followers, likes, gains, insights etc. were no one cares if it takes someone’s life. If criticism is justified by all then I must say rape should be justified for pleasure and harassment for emotional dwell, I know obviously not. even I don’t stand with it. But sitting behind a screen and judging someone and not confronting them being a coward but pretending to be boss should not be justified too. Without even knowing and giving things a deep thought that how it might affect the life of someone, people single handedly comment anything they just feel like.

Speaking for the truth is good. But it Is good when you know and have a prove to it while setting something as a judgment and then influencing people to it be a part of it is, I assume wrong. Well I could set a best example here by the current case running all over the nation i.e. Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder case. I feel this is nothing much but now converted to be an entertainment coverage for everyone. I feel as initially everyone one was expecting CBI enquiry for knowing the truth and get Sushant Singh’s murder justified and go catch hold the culprit was right  but with the time the case from media assuming and helping the case converted to something very drastic media specially the news and social sites user considered themselves to be judiciary or rather the judge for the case . acted as critique and left no chance to deploy lives.  

I clearly don’t say rhea is the culprit or isn’t involved she was into drugs with many others. But before something is proven or known how can anyone judge and give the decision. People out their demoting rhea and not only her. whomsoever they feel so by giving straightaway judgments I believe they might not know Sushant or anyone in their family personally.  I respect the emotions attached but emotions are not justified by giving media trials for someone you don’t even know personally. This is just an example no personal offense, But what I want to convey is criticizing someone is very simple, maybe just a fingertip away but being on the other side and taking all of them in millions at the same time is not a cup of tea it is more than life taking. Hence, I would end up saying criticizing someone is very easy but showing the right direction helping them with healthy support must be considered.

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