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Scene 1: LIGHTS

(Shining a light on a dream, vision or an idea)

Scene 2: CAMERA

(Sketching out the big picture…what it looks like)

Scene 3: ACTION

(Ready or not, stepping out into the world to connect vision and reality)

Description: Every entrepreneur has talent, a gift to share, yet many are afraid to step out into the world, shine a light on that talent, and play a bigger game. Why? Is it easier to stand back and just watch from the sidelines or is it fear of taking a risk and failing. Sure, it may be scary to take a risk and no one chooses to fail, but this type of fear and inaction may instigate regret. Take a risk and fail, so what?!! That’s what we are supposed to do. It’s in the failures and struggles where we grow personally, become stronger and that leads to individual success, whatever that looks like for you.

Shine a light on your talent and ideas, stop waiting and begin taking steps to create the best picture of your vision and begin to share it with others. You may test it out and find that the idea that you originally had will take twists and turns and may even look different when it’s all said and done. The gold dust here, is to take action and begin implementing your ideas, your vision, your thoughts into something tangible, and only then, will you realize that taking a risk and making an investment towards a new business or yourself wasn’t so bad after all. YES! YOU survived and maybe even hit a homerun. The point is it doesn’t matter if you hit a homerun or not, the point is that you joined the game, squashed the fear and took action. This is your life; do you want to play an entrepreneur character who sits in the bleachers or one playing on the field?

This screenplay depicts something real for me. For many of my entrepreneurial years I played it safe and supported others ideas fabulously and tried a few things that failed. What changed? I discovered Roger James Hamilton geniusU Entrepreneur Education Platform and attended ILAB in Bali. All these tools, experiences and mentoring had me shine LIGHTS on my entrepreneur genius and true talents of being a people connector, supporter, travel and event planner and my love for learning. I learned how to sketch out my ideas into a CAMERA ready promotion plan and accelerate my geniusETC travel business and personal growth. Now I am in ACTION and moving my business forward, collaborating and partnering with other entrepreneurs. My confidence is shining bright and the desire to make a positive impact in my community and our world has heightened. Will I hit a home run? Time will tell. However, I do know that I am in the game and playing the character that fits me perfectly. AND I have the desire and perseverance to win; can’t wait to write  scene 4.        

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