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Let go of the old and embrace the good with the bad. Originally published Medium. It’s a brutal world but I’m grateful for life, resilience, and love. Embracing vulnerability is not a weakness. It’s only a problem to those who are not meant to be in your life, those who profit and benefit from your […]

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Let go of the old and embrace the good with the bad.

Originally published Medium.

It’s a brutal world but I’m grateful for life, resilience, and love. Embracing vulnerability is not a weakness. It’s only a problem to those who are not meant to be in your life, those who profit and benefit from your silent struggles, and those who have power over you.

We’ve been so conditioned and programmed that even when you know the government and its education, and political system is corrupted with capitalism, white supremacy, the police force, and corrupt corporations, we still believe in our government… even when we know that it’s killing and degrading BIPOC (means Black, indigenous, and people of color), Asians, LGBTQ, women, children’s lives…

In this blog post today and moving forward, I want to let my readers, subscribers, and followers know that I’ll be writing and creating content on the good and the bad. No BS. Why? Because it is better to be your authentic self than to fake it.

Because nobody is happy all the freaking time. Nobody is living their “best life” during a worldwide pandemic… unless you’re a billionaire… (*cough*) WORLD’S BILLIONAIRES LIST.

Jeff Bezos you are a real piece of work man, can you please take some of those billions and reduce the amount of plastic waste in Amazon packaging. To the rest of the humans on this list as well, be kind and start giving to those who need it the most during these times. Human suffering is not by choice, it’s designed, conditioned, and maintained by those with a lot of wealth, greed, lack of empathy and power. Karma is a bitch, those billions won’t save you in the afterlife or in hell.

Keep in mind, even the richest people are f’ed up in the head and they know it. But “don’t rush, nobody is posting their failures”, right? That’s why social media channels have been creating mental health issues for most of us for over a decade now. Especially those struggling with self discipline, working from home, those who choose not to workout everyday, those who binge eat, take drugs or alcohol, watch Netflix, or spend hours scrolling through all channels of social media… just to cope with reality.

There are a lot of people right now suffering from serious mental illness, health issues, financial depression, going through rough stuff… and we are supposed to ignore all the suffering and pain of others. And because it’s not “social media, news, entertainment, and unrealistic expectations” it’s not ‘aesthetic enough’…

“We have become ignorant of the truth because it is better to believe in a lie than face the reality.” A.O

I’m done. No mas. Humans need a reality check every now and then. Not only through showing in the ”news” what’s really going on with the world and us. It’s time to change this and it starts with our platforms and networks.

There is a section in the book Dare to Lead by Brene Brown (love this book), #12 Armored Leadership. “When worthiness is a function of productivity, we lose the ability to pump the brakes: the idea of doing something that doesn’t add to the bottom line provokes stress and anxiety.” Then she explains the Daring leadership of Armored, as modeling and supporting rest, play, and recovery are essential core values that enhance creativity and innovation.

This I can relate to by personal experience, and I started to apply this mindset into my daily routines and how I interact with people now. It has helped a lot into listening with understanding, and embracing more vulnerability which as a result, is helping me cope and heal during these times.

So this “fake mentality” stigma that was trending before quarantine… it’s what I’m breaking here. If you’d like to join me and my team on this journey, awesome! Stay real, not superficial. Let’s create spaces where followers and subscribers feel good, value, understood, encouraged, and inspire others with the right mental and emotional support. That good comes with the bad. Physical support has become harder because of social distancing and wearing a mask! However, we should look at this as a way to relearn how to be more compassionate and empathetic since obviously we can now all agree… we have lost that.

You are progressing when you are acknowledging your privilege and using it to help those who are voiceless: when you are wearing your mask, keeping your distance, washing your hands (often!) and encouraging others to embrace more solidarity rather than shaming and degrading each other. Remember, it IS a choice to continue not to educate yourself.

Those who have been doing the inner and outer work, it’s alright, we can find our way back. Together. United and with our inner strength and spiritual guidance from our ancestors. And more importantly, stick with those communities and leaders that embrace the suck and still keep going, learning, making mistakes (we are human) and helping others along the way.

Staying positive doesn’t mean you need to be happy all the time. It’s remaining strong despite the struggles of life, keeping a happy mindset, and continuing to believe that you can achieve anything when you put your mind, heart, and soul into it.

Keep those close to you that are ready to make changes, no BS, and are putting out their reality of life with a little spice and flare 😜.

Man, since I’ve been staying with my sister, writing ✍🏽has come back 🙏🏽❤️. My book is ready and will be published soon.That’s it with writing from notes on my phone while walking in the park near the Lachine canal to the subway. Still looking for apartments. 🤞🏽Wish me luck.

Remember, stay home (It’s a privilege to have one), be safe, be kind to your planet 🌎, to you and others.

Love, A.O. 🦋

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