‘I Have A Dream’

‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.’ ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Compassion — what is it? Compassion is something that changes everyone — both the good and the bad. Usually, compassion comes with wisdom — with one aging, with one suffering; yet not always being present and too often not everyone reaches that level of compassionate wisdom of life, and in my experience, these are the people who have experienced loss of great love, or some type of an internal trauma through life. I’ve witness people having to leave great love that somehow without explanation or even with such, was difficult for them to accept that it was great love because they were provoked to do things based on other circumstances. And those people subsequently after some time feel sympathy and regret, people who have shown to have a sign of internal growth, which they ones didn’t have. Pittiness and sorrow are like a brother and a sister to love.

Do we know how love brings the masses together? Why can’t we explain mass love by sociology, history, and political science? And why can we explain love only by psychology? For centuries, studies and teachings focus on the mass psychology of people, emphasizing the different causes and driving forces of national love. All of them are explained by instincts. They are explained by the primary love impulse that comes from the instinctive layer of character and being refracted through other factors of life and “education” that cause love to be banished, the biological layer of internal love to be removed. Take a look at Reich, Le Bon, Freud, Fromm and many others — all of them explain mass movements from a psychological aspect right through an irrational beginning.

Accordingly, many leadership teachings are based on the fact of knowing how to control the darkness and the irrationality of people. The leader, the leader of the masses is always leaning on people’s flaws. The leader knows how to command darkness; the leader who best knows the flaws of people — and there are one too many leaders throughout history who had focused on using these flaws.

In this beginning there’s hate — hate against each other, we against the opponents. There’s power because power wins, the power has influence over the opponents, and at the end the opponent is ultimately imposing violence. To anyone outside of these thinkers, outside the long list of chiefs and commanders, it would not even cross anyone’s mind that something else is possible, something new that is equitable in solving social problems. A path of leaning on love of truth, morality and justice, not on hate assailing the opposing commands of people’s instincts.

And history knows such; one of the greatest — Martin Luther King, Jr., a man of a powerful, spirited, biological love-sided doctrine.

At no other time has self-esteem, love, compassion and non-violence have been achieved to be long-lasting for centuries, as they were achieved by Martin Luther King, Jr..

Perhaps the structure of the future is one, which the nation can be better protected, that possess structure in which everyone pursues life and its own interests while complying with other nations’ pursuit of life, instead of ignoring them and fighting against them.

Perhaps the most consistent personal commitment is for us to embrace love coming from biological, sheer layer of human nature. Love that can be a powerful unifying creative factor.

In times of hater, segregation and oppositions, there are other ways. Do you think that anyone promising something with hate, with power, with some type of a force thinks the best? Will anyone ever remember this person in history? If one succumbs to the temptation to use violence while one is in power, the unborn and coming generations will take after this leadership of “fight,” sorrow and bitterness.

“Darkness can not drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

How does everyone interpret what light is?

Do we need leaders who make us stronger, causing us to go somewhere stronger — perhaps among more enemies? Wouldn’t this strength be at the expense of someone else’s weakness; wouldn’t it be compared and confronted with hatred again?

Do we want to be strong, or do we want to be loved because no one chooses his or her parents and family and where one is born, by virtue and beauty, but we love our parents and families for who they are, they love us for who we are and what we’ve given to each other — love, care, compassion, time and effort — whatever that might look like.

Do we need leaders who take their programs and protocols and psychology of crowds, and force people to smile and fool others or do we need leaders who preach love? Because “darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

If we ignore even one human being, do we ignore only one living individual, or do we ignore the entire world?

One belief I have is, “The belief that morality is the basis of things, and that truth is the substance of all morality.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

“I Have A Dream”

The dreamers — these are leaders we need. In the beginning these leaders will lead the smaller crowds and they’ll be laughed at. Yet such uprisings have been proven in our history and they are possible.

Without enthusiasm nothing great has been achieved — of those who were the dreamers, humanity has inherited the most indispensable merits. In spite of all of the insults, despise and persecute they’ve received, they kept pushing forward and ahead, kept reaching more people and made more positive change for our humanity.

Let’s keep on reaching.

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Dr. Mila is an internationally known Change Catalyst. She teaches individuals and organizations about awareness, connection, and the need for change – personally, socially, and professionally. 

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