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about someone who said they were a soul reader
and what they did really felt more like channeling
as they were speaking to relatives that have passed, 
guides, angels and masters 
who have passed on to the other side.
what a beautiful gift to have.

and . . . . it made me 
want to clarify the gift that has been given to me
when i say that i have been given the gift to listen to your soul 
i am not listening to what others 
(no matter how advanced) want to tell you
i am listening to your soul telling me
what it is trying to say to you
that for whatever reason you are not hearing.

it made me realize the beauty and magnificence of spirit
because for me, my work is to know myself
and in doing this, i listen to what others say
but if it doesn’t resonate with me, 
i bless it and let it pass right through me.

my focus is to quiet everything around me 
so that i can hear the whisper of my voice
and i sit here now as i connect the pieces of this together
and see the way i sit with you, is the same way i sit with me
i listen to the core, to the source of who you are
and just tell repeat to you what you tell me to say to you.

i do not hear angel, spirit guides, ascended masters
not because they are not marvellous to hear
but because i focus on hearing my inner voice
and by extension your inner voice.

to me, when i connect to my own soul
everything i need is right there.
and that is how i listen to you too.
listen to that source, that centered place 
where you, yourself know the answers.

if you feel like this would be valuable for you,
message me and please lets have a conversation
and figure out a way to make it work for everyone.
no packages, no sales funnels, no upsells
just the two us figuring out together what works.

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