How helping bees is helping me in every way

Just some thoughts from a girl with Aspergers who is done hiding. I wanted to create really easy actionable tips anyone can take to help bees thrive that anyone can jump on and complete and feel absolutely badass in every single way...

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beautiful purple lavender flowers on a wooden table and a bee
beautiful purple lavender flowers on a wooden table and a bee

Although we often don’t talk about it much in every day life, everything we do is built on bees. Our ecosystem is everything we build on, bees are everything we build on. Our intricate ecosystem is so precious, held up by other ecosystems like supporting strands in a web and if there is a break, it can mean entire sections break off and collapse, including our own. It stands to reason that we should seek to care for the environment and the world around us – as a form of self care if nothing else. Approximately 70% of our food depends on bees but evidence shows us they are fast losing ground due to climate change but also the use of deeply damaging pesticides (neonicotinoids).

It’s really hard to know how to start or what to do to help – having Aspergers, I am used to feeling totally overwhelmed over even the smallest things. Due to having Aspergers, I have often found it so hard to do the things I know I want to do. I can’t organise myself and my thoughts and it’s so easy to end up in a downward spiral feeling so utterly overwhelmed. This leads to giving up. This is why I wanted to create really easy actionable tips that anyone can jump on and complete and feel actually badass for the day. We always wanted to be superheroes… we can be.

One amazing thing we can do to rebel against it is to turn helping bees in to so much fun – in to an entire campaign of fun! Having fun with it means we end up helping automatically while having a good time, which makes it so fulfilling for us at the same time, which makes us want to do it more. 

Turning a negative situation in to a positive one is an incredibly powerful step to take for ourselves, as well as being an incredibly therapeutic tool for us wherever we are in life. Positive effects spiral. As like anything that has a tremendous and positive impact on ourselves, the effect will be amplified when it comes to the environment and the world around us, which then impacts ourselves and inspires us further. Call it the law of attraction or karma – it’s what we put out in the world, what we fill our hands with!

It’s incredibly satisfying and helping hosts a whole multitude of benefits for us. First of all we feed our connection to nature and ensuring our own survival, a connection that has been so weakened in our modern times, as well feel we do not need to work with nature and we can sustain ourselves and feed ourselves straight from supermarket shelves. In the Western world we do not need to think too much about where our food comes from, which is a luxury, but also breeds a disconnect from the world around us that we live in, and promotes an illusion that we are totally separate beings entirely and need not rely on anything or anyone else, which can be unhelpful for our survival and discoveries.

Helping bees in fun and amazing ways – like sharing the pretty wallpapers on the bee page with others, which gets more eyes on the amazing steps we can take to help, signing powerful petitions against neonicotinoids which devastate bees, and gifting friends and family beautiful bee home ornaments for their gardens – gives us so many positives that spiral and spiral in to more positives. It means we talk with our neighbours more, we feel so valued ourselves, we value our contributions to the world around us, we value the beautiful sights we see around us, we value our food more – every ounce of it! –  we make people feel valued as we make our planet feel valued, and we value our ecosystem. We embrace being interconnected and it makes us stronger and brings us closer as a result. This way we can take our species to the next level.

Just some thoughts from a girl with Aspergers who is done hiding and wanted to write this for a long time. You can check out all my simple, extremely powerful, fun and easy steps to help bees here! I hope that it gives you as much peace of mind, contentment and joy completing and interpreting these as it did for me!

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