How do we build a secure base to cope with suffering?


World Happiness Week

6-day Digital Summit Unites Leading Happiness and Well-being Experts Across 80 Cities for The World’s Most Uplifting Free Event! Presented by the World Happiness Fest.

Keynote Speakers Include HRH Kesang Choden Wangchuk (Bhutan), Sir Anthony Seldon (International Positive Education Network), Dr. James Doty (Center for Compassion and Altruism, Stanford), Myron Belfer (Harvard), Nichol Bradford (Transformative Technology Lab), Aneel Chima (Stanford University Flourishing Project), John Helliwell (World Happiness Report) meditation pioneer Sharon Salzburg and Luis Gallardo (World Happiness Foundation)

Covid 19 has transformed our lives and our values. And for an increasing number of us, well-being and happiness have become the new paradigm for human progress.

From March 18th – 23rd, World Happiness Week will focus our energy on recovery, accelerating the global movement for well-being via the most accessible event on the planet.

The live-streamed, 6-day event will explore the most pressing global well-being needs, providing solutions and inspiring hope for a happier and more resilient international community — equipped to thrive in the face of the pandemic.

The summit will feature seminars, talks, networking events, performances, and experiential workshops presented by happiness experts from every continent and 80 cities, including the active participation of 70 global “agoras” (local group chapters).

Keynote speakers include Bhutan’s “happiness guru” Saamdu Chetri, author and educator Tal Ben Shahar, creator of Harvard’s wildly popular Happiness program. Myron Belfer, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, and neuroscientist Dr. James Doty of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion & Altruism Research & Education (co-founded by The Dalai Lama).

World Happiness Foundation founder Luis Gallardo says: “This year we are going to explore suffering and flourishing at World Happiness Week. It is neither necessary nor desirable to eliminate human struggles and frailties to pursue a flourishing human life. Creating a proper attitude and response to our limitations, challenges, and suffering is the best way to a flourishing life.”

World Happiness Fest Guides and Experts

This year’s focus topics include:

** Workplace Well-Being
Employee happiness is the key to the success of an organization. The agenda for day one aims to educate business leaders on best practices, policies, and programs that promote self-awareness and positive working environments for all. Featured speakers include Raj Raghunathan (Author, If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy?), Nick Marks (Founder of the Happy Planet Index and Friday Pulse), Tobias Grieb (Head of Happiness Culture, HelloFresh), Blake Harris (Happy Crew President, Zoom). Hosted by Live 13.5 and Rekhi Systems. (March 18th).

** Mental & Physical Health
Depression, anxiety, and loneliness are on the rise, but revolutionary technology offers hope for a healthier future. Mental and physical health cannot be separated. Featured speakers include Myron Belfer, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, meditation pioneer Sharon Salzburg, Dr. James R. Doty (Center For Compassion & Altruism, Stanford), Javier Garcia Campayo (Universidad de Zaragoza), and Dr. Francoise Bourzat (Center for Conscious Medicine). Hosted by the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred). (March 19th).

** Positive Education
Education is our greatest challenge. Positive education supports flourishing mental health within the school community and resilient future leaders. Parents, educators, and individuals interested in our youth’s well-being will walk away with a new perspective on education possibilities. Speakers include Sir Anthony Seldon (Vice-Chancellor, University of Buckingham and Co-Founder, Action For Happiness), Edith Shiro, T.S Powdyel (former Minister of Education in Bhutan), and Paul Atkins (Director, Prosocial Institute). Hosted by Universidad Tecmilenio and the International Positive Network Network (IPEN). (March 20th).

** Self-Planet / Social Impact / Science of Spirituality
In alignment with the UN Sustainability Goals, we celebrate our interconnection with Nature. Hear from social connection researchers, sustainability experts, visionary business leaders paving the way for a thriving planet, along with individuals and communities taking action toward healing the earth. Features speakers include Vandana Shiva (Environmental activist), Mavis Tsai (Awareness, Courage & Love Global Project), Dr. Don Tomasulo (Spirituality Mind Body Institute), Rekhi Singh (CEO of Rekhi Systems), and Richard Rudd (Author, The Gene Keys). Hosted by LifeVest Inside and Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. (March 21st).

** Transformative Technology
From AI and Robotics to Biotechnology, there is a growing category of hardware and software that is intentionally designed to enhance psychological, cognitive, and physical capabilities. Meet the experts, researchers, developers, and engineers working to promote human flourishing through transformative technology. Curator Nichol Bradford, Founder of Transformative Technology Lab, will join Agora guides in a day hosted by Transtech. (March 22nd).

** Public Policy and Economy
To achieve true happiness, the world’s policymakers must be on board. Join great political minds from around the world in a solutions-based discussion surrounding global issues and the challenges faced by individual countries, regions, and cities. Featured speakers include Saamdu Chetri, former executive director of Bhutan’s Gross Global Happiness Centre, Canadian economist John Helliwell (Editor, World Happiness Report), and renowned ‘father of modern marketing, Philip Kotler, and Jayme Illian, Founder International day of Happiness. Hosted by WeAll (the alliance for well-being economy) and Happytalism. (March 23rd).

World Happiness Week is an initiative of the World Happiness Foundation, in partnership with more than 300 institutions focusing on realizing a world with freedom, happiness, and consciousness for all.

This year’s strategic partners include United Nations University for Peace, Instituto de Bienestar Integral (IBI), Rekhi Systems, The Wholebeing Institute, International Positive Education Network (IPEN), Universidad Tecmilenio, Transtech (Transformative Technology Conference), IFred, Project Happiness, The Flourishing Center, Live with Awareness Courage and Love, Future of Leadership Salon, LIVE 13.5, LifeVest Inside, and the UPEACE Center for Executive Education.

Register for World Happiness Week HERE

Find your tribe, and build your happier, healthier future!

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