Focus… The Lost Art of Success

Becoming an MVP In Your Business

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If you have ever owned a pet, specifically a dog with any kind of energy (especially a puppy) you are very familiar with ‘shiny object syndrome.’ In fact, you, yourself may even be an expert at shiny object syndrome. For those of you fortunate enough to have no idea what this is… it is the uncanny ability to head in one direction and with almost no notice, we turn and head into another. The best times are when we go into the store on the way home to buy a gallon of milk, only to come out with 10 other items and forget the milk!

The same thing happens in our businesses. We are headed in one direction only to end up trying to do four or five different ventures. We know the outcome – nothing gets done. Typically, this occurs because we lose (or never really have or find) focus on what is important and what is needed. Our brains push us into what is safe, and if our mind can keep us distracted, we end up doing what is safe and not always what is needed.

One thing I am missing this spring is watching my son play baseball. He loves it. He is really good at it. He may even become an MVP. Why? Focus. Focus is what separates the good players form the MVPs. The good news is that in business, it is quite east to create focus and become an MVP.


The first element of focus is motivation. If you are not motivated to complete a task it will never get done. We all can relate to those mundane tasks that we dreed doing. However, if motivation is present, watch out! The best way to focus is to be motivated to do what you want to. Increase the motivation, increase the focus.


Motivation will get you moving. However, before you move in the right direction, there must be a vision. If you do not know where you are going (vision) you will travel many paths and many roads never achieving the destination.  Vision is the road map for business. It is astonishing to me how many people start businesses without a clear vision. If you are challenged with creating a vision for your business, leave a comment below and let’s talk!


With a clear vision and solid motivation, you will be off and running towards your goals. Shiny object syndrome likes to jump in here and derail us. Thinking of my son playing baseball. How many times do we see baseball players with injuries, broken bats, worn out gloves, broken cleats… All of these ‘normal’ elements are a part of the process. Any one of them can derail us. This is where the will of perseverance comes in. Perseverance says when things get hard, when the struggles come, I still see the results through it and that is where my focus is.

If you have ever been to the circus (a big one), one of the most fascinating acts is the tightrope walkers. It takes such focus to be successful walking across a thin wire a hundred feet above the cold, hard earth. If a tightrope walker let the wind, the crowd, or the animals take their focus off of the end result… that little solid platform at the other end, they would fall.

To be an MVP in your business takes focus. That focus comes through being motivated to achieve your goals and dreams. Those goals and dreams are inspired by your vision, which is all sustained by persevering through everything that works against you. I promise you that if you create a vision, stay motivated to see it to fruition and understand that perseverance is your friend, success will find you and you will become your own MVP.

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