Elon Musk: Learn New Things Faster

Elon Musk is the real iron man of the modern times. His journey was full of greatest challenges. On the other hand, he had never compromised with learning new things.

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Learning is one of the most important process of our life. Elon Musk is today’s one of the greatest entrepreneurs. Recently, his net worth also crossed that of the Jeff Bezos and Musk is now the world’s richest person. People also believes that Elon’s thinking style is a kind of mad. In my opinion, Elon Musk is at this position because of his mad mindset. Elon expects the unexpected, that is what made him sounds like mad. By the way, no one in the history is successful with madness for goals.

If we go to a year back, then no one knew who Elon Musk was. Elon is mostly known for his skill of risk taking. His achievements are all because of this skill that he own. Elon’s brother claims that Elon Musk read 2 books everyday which is also a kind of risk taking for the health. Because he continuously sat 12 hours for reading book.

If dive deeper into Elon’s life, we will find that he is a library of practical knowledge. The world went 10 years advance in technology only because of him & his inventions. He was the first person to start online wallet by developing PayPal, he made a Solar City which greatly appreciated, he created the world’s first battery car, he built the world’s individual owned commercial spaceship company, he is the only first person to send a Car to the space, and so on. He had shown the power of learning. He is a self-learner of Space Science, Solar Technology, Software Development, Hyperloop Technology, Car Building, etc.

Not only he but everyone at the top list is because of learning. Here we are going to learn from the statements by Elon Musk on Learning.

In his Childhood, Elon Musk was afraid of Darkness. He read that darkness is nothing but the absence of photons. Then, he stopped being afraid from darkness. Elon says “To Predict the future of anything, I use the frameworks of Physics”.
A great quality of Elon Musk is that he can teach himself anything very fast & accurately. He has two techniques for this which he also uses in his Business & Development. The first one is that he prefer to read & the second one is that he always surround himself with specialists.
Musk is a desirous reader. He invested 12 hours everyday of his childhood days in reading books. He also applied many things in his business & grew. Since the lockdown announced, Elon Musk’s revenue goes in the speed of rocket because of his automobile company which was once predicted to be failure business. He also read two sets of encyclopedia in his childhood and from that time he realised that two things can be mixed together. The first company that he established was PayPal. Through PayPal, he took banking to online. He says that he didn’t know and couldn’t understand the working process of banks and then he read a lot of books and applied the knowledge into practical life by starting an online banking startup. He also mentions that he read a lot of science fiction and comics from which he developed a great imagination power by visualising the book story’s situations in mind.
The Second Technique help him learn more and more from the superior specialists who surrounded Elon Musk. During the Starting time of SpaceX, Elon Musk gathered a lot of knowledge & books from those expert friends of him. He never afraid of experimenting. He assembled computers, experiment the homemade rocket by using kerosene, etc. From these small practices he also automatically got perfect at hardware & hacking. The only reason why everyone wants their children to join good colleges or school is because the people with whom one live, the person he becomes gradually.

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