Creative Tips to Swap Your Beverages for Healthier Options

Out-of-the-box ways to hydrate and enjoy it.

Boriskina Olga / Shutterstock
Boriskina Olga / Shutterstock

We all know we need to quench our thirst throughout the day, but sometimes water just doesn’t seem to satisfy our palate. And with sugar-laden and diet drinks within reach at all times, it’s no wonder our hydration willpower is constantly tested. Our Thrive Global community shared some delicious ideas to help inspire — and sustain — a habit of healthy hydration.

Instead of regular coconut water, try half coconut water, half regular water 

“I love coconut water. To limit the sugar count, I mix half coconut water with half regular water in a big bottle that I sip on throughout the day.”

—Isabelle Bart, marketing director, Irvine, CA

Instead of soda, try water infused with fruit 

“A few years back, I tried subbing out my soda for water, but I found that it was too bland to encourage me to drink very often. I started cutting up fruit and adding it to pitchers of water that I’d drink throughout the day. I loved the subtle fruit flavor, and so did my kids, and eventually, all my friends, family, and neighbors did too. Today, you’ll rarely see me without a Hint water bottle glued to my hand at meetings, while taking calls, on airplanes, and on hikes.

—Kara Goldin, founder and CEO, San Francisco, CA

Instead of coffee, try lemon water

“To stay hydrated, I start my morning with a glass of water next to my bed, followed by a hot lemon water on my commute. I always keep hot water or tea at my desk, and I try to wait to have my morning coffee until I drink a full glass.”

—Marisa Tashman, law clerk, Los Angeles, CA

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