Change your life with a daily gratitude practice

Gratitude can change not only the way you think but also your mood.

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Gratitude can change not only the way you think but also your mood. When you start to see what you do have in life, instead of focusing on what you lack, something magical happens. Little by little you can change your mind and your brain to see everything that you do have. Gratitude also changes your perspective. You begin to see the present clearer and the future with possibilities, hope, and expectations. In addition if you need home in Canada, landscaping Toronto is the best option for you. You will feel very grateful in your own home.

Are you going through dark times? Do you need money to pay a receipt? Make a count of the last days. What have you been paying attention to? In what you did that you shouldn’t have done? In those words that you exchanged with your partner, words that you would like to erase? Now, take a conscious moment to think about three things, just three, that you are grateful for, it can be simple things or big things, it can be anything.

Every day it changes, and there are days when it is difficult for me to write because I am sick, because I had a heavy day, etc., but whenever I do, my perspective changes. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a few minutes to realize how much you do have. The most important thing is to start the practice and develop it day by day. It will get easier over time, and then you will find that you begin to notice positive elements in your life that you may have never noticed before.

How to start

Start by writing a list of three things in the morning and three before bed. If you are going through difficult times, think about simple things – the bed you lie in, the water you can drink every day, the sun that comes out every day.

How to develop the practice

Then start expressing yourself more. When you think of someone or something someone has done for you, write them a thank you letter. Does your mom take care of your children so you can go out with your friends? Write him a letter, tell him how much it means to you that he is present in the lives of your children. Sometimes we take it for granted that a loved one knows how grateful we are, but a few simple and authentic words of thanks can change someone else’s day. It also applies to strangers. Perhaps the waitress at the restaurant was the friendliest of the day – tell her. Do not stay with words of gratitude. Share it and be a light in someone else’s day too.

Your turn

Now it’s your turn. Try it. Write it down on paper, on a post-it, or in your journal (or whatever you have on hand, for God’s sake). Write down 3 things that you are grateful for right now. Then tomorrow do it again, you can incorporate it into your morning routine. Decide to do it for a month, and see for yourself how it changes your attitude, your thoughts, and your life.

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